Release Note Testing--Sort By Numerals

Is there a way to organize how the “Release Note Testing” category is sorted?
Since we have the numbers in brackets already, is there no way to sort them in order?
It would make it a lot easier to find the things that have already been tested and reported, so we’re not making duplicate reports.

I thought about this when the numbering was introduced. I couldn’t figure out a way.

I’m still thinking… :sweat_smile:

One way is to put that section on approval where moderators check for duplicates. But that won’t solve the number ordering.

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Maybe a pre-numbered blank template from say 1-200 (how ever many), that can’t be sorted by date or last post. We just fill them in as we go and they remain in order.

Are you going to volunteer to create all 200 templates? :upside_down_face:

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No, I mean one page numbered from 1 to 200. We fill in the blanks.

For number ordering, the nearest thing Discourse has is to pin each one after it’s created, and then you can order by ‘pinned at’ date. It’ll be a huge PITA to order them (especially #199 if you need it to be at the top, like some sort of hellish Tower of Hanoi game), but it’s possible, ish. FEATURE: Order pinned topics by their `pinned_at` column by OsamaSayegh · Pull Request #14090 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

It might be easier to have a single pinned ‘Index topic’ in that category, that then has a manually curated numerical/alphabetical ordered list of links to the other topics. It could be set to be a wiki and be crowd created/vandalized/updated (delete as applicable).

I don’t think that’s possible unless all users were at Trust Level 3 as posts can only be edited by the author. A post can be a wiki where TL3’s and higher can edit.

I’m just talking about organizing the numbers. Nothing else should change.
Go over there to see if Number 17 has been reported. You will be looking for a while.
Makes more sense to have it organized.

That’s a thought! :slightly_smiling_face:

I see what you mean now.

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I search using in:title. So, if you wanted to find any topics on number 17, you can type:

17 in:title

Now, it will also bring up results like 177, but there won’t be many additional items.

I have my web browser configured to automatically search/highlight text on the page when I start typing. Most browser also support Ctrl+F to search a webpage.

I started a list here:

I only have 1-7 done. I’m wondering if it’s easier to add what has been posted so far rather than doing the whole list?

That topic I could change to a “wiki” so that users who are TL3 or higher can update/edit it. That way it wouldn’t rely solely on me. :slight_smile:


That’s great!
Thank you for taking the time to do that. :cowboy_hat_face:

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This list is active now! :slight_smile:

This list is being updated by moderators and Trusted Members of the forum. If you see a release note submission that haven’t been updated in the below list, let moderators know. Also, if you see a duplicate topic in release notes (duplicate number) let moderators know so we can merge it.

A very big thank you to @ChaoticSplendid for creating most of this list! (I only did 7)