Release Notes [] AAU 1 - January 4th, 2023

A new Beta update is now available for all platforms.

Release Notes

If you are playing on PC, outdated packages in your community folder may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior.

If you suffer from stability issues or long loading times, move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title.

General Bug Fixes:

  • Improved crash/performance issues for TBM and Longitude
  • Fixed secondary aerials sometimes overridden by Bing aerial on terrain with photogrammetry


  • Autopilot

    • Added ability to fly Back Course localizers
    • Fixed an issue where disconnecting the autopilot would also turn of the yaw damper
    • Fixed an issue where the ALT knob would not accelerate for some users
    • Fixed an issue where sim-side autothrottle could be erroneously engaged when using some IAS/Speed Hold key bindings
  • FMC

    • Improved shorthand input formats for radio tuning on the TUN page
    • Fixed issue where PERF pages would update values when constantly when they should not
    • Fixed an issue that caused a number of departure or arrival procedures to compute a circular loop path when it was not strictly necessary
    • Fixed a number of flight plan issues seen while being in a direct-to
    • Added DATALINK → TERMINAL WX feature to request textual weather at airports
  • MFD

    • Fixed an issue where the green elevator trim band would appear in an incorrect location
    • Display of specific navaids is now properly limited based on the map range
    • Fixed an issue where some map layers would display improperly depending on the selected map format
  • PFD

    • Added TRAFFIC flag shown when a TA is currently present
  • Cockpit

    • Adjusted default camera to better match seating position per pilot feedback
    • Added TO/GA click-spot shortcut to the Fire Bottle Button
    • Added the ability to adjust the climate controls
    • Added ability to adjust PRESS SOURCE and added relevant CAS messages
  • General

    • Added settings to CFGs to allow ground power to be called (will always be on when connected)
    • Improved exterior lights for better visibility and accuracy
    • Fixed an issue where screens were still visible when popped out even if electrical power was not available.


  • Fixed an issue where the G3000 would not correctly load the flight plan created on the world map
  • Fixed an issue where VNAV altitudes for visual approach fixes were incorrectly calculated to be too high
  • Added the ability to adjust visual approach fix distances on a per-aircraft basis
  • Activating GA mode will now activate the missed approach if appropriate
  • Fixed numerous display issues with the GPS Status pane when a 3D GPS solution has not been calculated
  • Fixed a number of flight path computation issues that should increase the accuracy of procedures, and decrease the frequency of path loops
  • GTCs now only accept H-Events for their specific orientation (horizontal or vertical)


  • Improved handling of electrical battery and alternator key events.
  • Fixed a bug where the EIS pressure differential gauge was stuck at 0.
  • The GTC airport info and NRST airport pages will no longer show RNP AR approaches because they are not supported in this plane.
  • Fixed various cockpit emissives that were incorrectly active when power was off.
  • Fixed the triggers for the avionics fans and weather radar initialization sound effects.


  • Flight Model

    • Fixed a flight model issue where phantom thrust was being generated, resulting in overspeed even with throttles at flight idle
    • Adjusted flight model to provide more stability and accurate performance at high altitudes
    • Aircraft should now have more accurate (lower) pitch angles during approach per pilot feedback
  • GTC

    • Takeoff/Landing (TOLD) performance calculations now work correctly with negative runway elevations.
  • MFD

    • Fixed a bug where the EIS thrust reverser indications were incorrectly displayed when only the right thrust reverser was deployed.

    • Adjusted elevator trim limits in line with real limits (2.5deg ND to 7.5deg NU)

  • Autopilot/Autothrottle

    • The autothrottle will now limit its range to prevent causing speedbrake auto-stow when the speedbrakes are extended, unless TO mode is selected

    • Fixed a bug where changing from FMS to MAN SPD mode would sometimes reset the selected speed target to an arbitrary value.

  • Systems and Controls

    • Fixed a bug where spoiler axis was not commanding full spoiler extension range.
    • Added NO STANDBY DATA CAS message when the standby instruments battery bus is not powered
    • P/S BUTTON ON CAS message is now the correct severity level while on the ground
    • ENGINE SHUTDOWN L/R now properly appears on power-up
    • APU will now run the APU Fire test and then display the APU digits on the EIS when turned to the ON position
  • PFD

    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the PFD airspeed indicator overspeed range (barber pole) was incorrectly displayed or failed to display


IMPORTANT: From SU11 onwards, we added some restriction on allowed files in an Asset Group of type SimObject (aircraft), see structure for more infos on what files are allowed or not.

Please note that despite what the doc is saying you don’t have to manually edit the definition files to reference extra files that you want to put in your simobject asset groups (the doc will be updated for official release).

  • [DevMode][Aircraft Editor] Set some parameters as required to avoid override when loading aircraft

  • [DevMode][Aircraft Editor] Fixed crash that can occur when the Fuel System Type is changed

  • [Visual Effects] Fixed random crash when using the SetScale node