[RELEASE] Roman Design CYOW Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

  1. Will fix, good one!
  2. Already fixed in the update released yesterday night. Default taxiway signs were not removed on some instances. Now it should be fine.
  3. Will add!
  4. Will add at least around runway ends. Fencing is really tedious as each small section needs to be aligned and they often don’t match. So far there is no feature to use lines, like with taxiway light rows. Maybe it will be added to SDK in future. More importantly, full fencing on airport like this will add hundreds of 3D objects that are mostly not very visible or needed, so I’m afraid the FPS impact mey not be worth the visual improvement. But you are definitely right about the runway ends - I will add it there, and close to airport areas you taxi on, if I missed any.
  5. Those are spawned automatically by MSFS based on approach lighting selected. I can’t change how they look. Not supported by SDK.
  6. Nothing I can do, runway is set in SDK so MSFS knows where it is… I didn’t change default runway elevations, they seem correct.
  7. Bridge is already added in yesterday’s update, yay! But it’s still very bumpy when taxiing… There are invisible pits before and after the bridge for some reason, MSFS is weird. I’m working on that. Will extend it underground, that should help.

First version of first OFC hangar is added too. More will come.

Express Air hangar is added

Government building is added, and some advertising billboards (see if you can find the Easter Egg) and streetlamps.

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Oh nice… thank you for the response… I did not get any notification that there is an update (I purchased through your website). Very nice work with the 3D modelling…

Maybe you unchecked the checkbox to subscribe to mailing list when ordered? Or it went to spam…

Well I don’t have anything in my spam and I also don’t remember a checkbox during the process…
Here are some pictures you may use… Let me know if you need any particular pictures… I may go flying there tomorrow…

Cool, thanks! So it’s “Apron V”

Great to see a scenery designer respond so well :slight_smile:

I did add fencing around two medium sized airports, CYGK (Kingston, Ontario) and CYFD (Brantford, Ontario) and it is VERY tedious. (Both are on flightsim.to and Kingston is like CYOW here, in that it is a rebuild - still working on a few technical issues on it). I did not notice a framerate drop with the fencing though. They really do stand out though during sunrise/sunset golden hour flights and that is why I will rework them (there are a few errors like incorrect orientation of the barbed wire tops, gaps, etc… I find the only way to get them to look good is to zoom way in during placement.

Like @RomanDesign states, I also wish there were line features in the SDK to do these.

Keep up the GREAT work!

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Thanks! As for fencing, I just feel that with a detailed scenery as it is, adding hundreds more 3D objects can’t be healthy. I prefer the GPU cranking on things that you can actually see. So I will definitely add fencing close to runway ends, because if someone noticed it missing - it’s definitely visible. But doing the whole perimeter is not only tedious, but can quietly eat FPS. It all adds up eventually. If Asobo will add line-based fencing, maybe I’ll reconsider, because it would be specifically optimized for that kind of thing, hopefully. I’m listening to feedback though, so I can change my mind.


Amazing scenery. Would it be possible for you to work on OTHH, Hamad Intl Airport?

Thanks! For now I’m doing Canadian airports only, as I live here and have some connections to the industry.

You should consider doing Yellowknife, NWT–with a focus on the Buffalo Airways hangar and ramp. I’m assuming that somebody will do a Buffalo livery for the DC-3 when it shows up and it would be totally cool to fly as one of the Ice Pilots in the sim.

I know it’s slightly off topic, but are there still limitations in SDK for airport scenery development? And, Is there a way to turn off runway lights during the day?

Yes, there are still many limitations and quirks. Too many to mention. The most glaring ones are the “flying orbs” above roads that are impossible to remove, very crude terraforming tools that produce a lot of artifacts, impossibility to create vertical or steep walls in terrain, tunnels etc. Automatic taxiway sidelights are horrible and are all over the place. Runway edge lights randomly are embedded or above surface in the same line, duplicating obdects “Grow” name with multiple " (copy) (copy) (copy)…" leading to CTD on compiling or loading (manual XML editing needed). They added taxiway “lightrows” tool which is nice, but there is no fencing line tool. Console is almost useless, throwing errors like “XML Error line, column, char” - and I mean literally, not numbers of line, colum, and char, but those very words!. Regular CTDs in the Scenery Editor. And there are many many more bugs and problems. Very basic and incomplete documentation still. Oh, and there is no possibility to switch off lights at daytime. Still, I only went into this because it looks so beautiful in the end - the rendering engine is amazing!

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Wow those are a lot of problem haha. Its amazing that you managed to pull off such an amazing scenery even with such glaring issues.

I will indeed! :slight_smile:

Meanwhile the next update is coming soon, with customg OFC buildings and quite a few more. These are a fist test model pictures:


Keep getting better and better . thanks .!! :smiley:

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They look fabulous… Don’t forget to fence up around GA areas otherwise foxes and coyotes come all over the apron… :yum:

Btw any plans to develop Rockliffe (CYRO) with the famous Aviation museum?

Roger on the fencing. I haven’t decided what to do next. Likely I’ll take a little break and evaluate sales to see if I can afford to spend another several hundreds of hours making the next airport :slight_smile:

I edit the xml to search and replace the " (copy)" with “” to remove them and it makes the XML much smaller, and less crash issues.

And you deserve a break! Sharing such experience in developing commercial sceneries helps those of us making freeware get the most out of the SDK! Thank you for your efforts!

You’re welcome! I now wasted the whole day trying to create animated person. With 4 different programs involved I should have known it would be a disaster, but I still hoped it should work. Maybe I will still find a way. I wanted to do some walking people for the upcoming CYOW update. I created them with Make Human, exported to Mixamo to add motion capture, imported to Blender to process the animation and exported to MSFS. Up until MSFS it worked well (with some problems to solve) but it’s all distorted in MSFS and I’m stuck for now…

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