[RELEASE] Roman Design CYOW Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport

Progress update: The OFC is starting to look nice:


And here’s a freshly done deicing area with displays:


Like your updates. I was finally able to buy it and what should I say. Marvelous.

There are two minor things I noticed: the centerline markings for taxiway B are not straight and B is not entirely flat (which is probs caused by the Sim or whatever)

Thanks, I will check it out and see if I can improve it.

Can you show me a screenshot? I did some minor corrections but I can’t say that I really could see the problem…

Thanks again for the photos, I think I got everything I could from them. I have more questions:
That apron - does it have a name? Waht does the sign next to it say? The OTC apron is called “Apron V” based on the sign, correct? It’s not in the chart…

What should this sign say? Is the hold short line lighted like I have it, or not?

You can check Google Earth…
This is not an APRON it is a dead taxiway area where we do the Engine Run up test… Notice those cement blocks in the Google Earth image? We usually face the opposite way (towards wind obviously) to perform the run up test… once done turn left on taxiway T and to the threshold of RWY 22 for take off. Those blocks are to block the prop wash while doing the engine run up checks… Would be really cool to have them…

For the taxi signs I don’t remember over top of my head (I maybe able to check it out tomorrow) but the one facing the engine run-up area seems to be a |<= T | T=>| which makes sense as both ways lead to taxiway tango… It’s hard to read the other one from Google Earth… but what you have made makes sense… I will try to provide you a picture tomorrow.

Google earth’s apron and taxiway textures are amazing. You think you can try to match those photorealistic textures?

Short answer - yes, I’m doing that. Longer answer - well, in Google maps those are not exactly textures, in a sense that they are actual photos, not tiled seamless textures that can be used for any polygons in the scenery. So they look great from afar, but turn very ugly when you are close enough to go past their resolution. I have replaced virtually every single apron and taxiway texture in CYOW to match closer to real life and Google Maps. Ground textures around them are actually pretty good. So good that one German scenery developer sent me comparison with his home area which is very blurry and gives him lots of grief trying to build realistic scenery around it.

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I went to the airport today but due to bad weather my flight got cancelled! :roll_eyes:
But as promised I have some pics for you!
The sign in facing run-up area is actually <=T P=>

Also when you are on the RWY22 threshold right before take off there is a yellow sign for beginner student reminding the radio tower frequency which is 120.1

Now the mysterious sign when you get off the RWY22 says APRON V in black. I had to drive around to get in view as we are not allowed to walk on the taxiways…

Here are some extra pics for your reference if you think they maybe helpful:

Thanks! I just uploaded the files for the new update, so whatever I can use from here will be in the next update - whenever it is going to happen. I’ve done all I wanted, basically, except for animated people, with which I hit a brickwall for now. I’ll put the signs to my list for the next update. The factory is interesting, but I decided not to model it - gotta stop somewhere :slight_smile: I did use some generic models that look closer to real life than autogen for the factory.

:partying_face: [UPDATE RELEASE v1.2] :partying_face:

I’ve just released an update, including these new features:

  • Ottawa Flying Club - detailed building models, including 2 open hangars with starting points
  • “Ornge” medical hangar and area
  • Updated signs and taxiway lighting
  • Full fencing around the airport for increased realism
  • Bridge over the highway that you can taxi on (a bit bumpy, so go slow)
  • Express Air hangar
  • Updated OFC starting points, run up area
  • Deicing pad update with glowing matrix displays and 3 new buildings
  • Sander Geophysics building
  • Several other new buildings around the airport
  • 2 Spherical radar structures at the edges of the airport
  • Added ILS antenna with antenna building, DME antenna, several antenna masts
  • Redefined ILS to work with aircrafts that support automated tuning, placed ILS and DME locations precisely at their real world visual coordinates
  • Several new roadside lighted advertising billboards at their true locations (see if you can spot an Easter Egg)
  • Fixed scaling problem with the steel bird sculptures appearing too near before this update
  • Planted/extended some forest to mask unfixable ugly aerial photo edges near runway ends
  • Many additional small adjustments in object placement, aprons, painted lines, parking areas, models etc.

I’m sure I forgot something, there is too much to list. Here are some screenshots highlighting the new features:

If you already bought this scenery on my website, then to update, log in and go to “My orders”.


Do you have some Montreal bridges loaded too… There are some updates for the bridges that work ok…

Absolutely beautiful work. I think you are setting the bar for highly detailed airports. I have spent more time flying the drone around exploring the airport than actually flying! A tip of the hat to you sir.

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Thanks! Great to know someone is actually looking at the things I spent so much time modeling, from closer than thousands of feet above :slight_smile:

Loving the v1.2 update-so much to explore with the drone camera.

we are really missing Toronto CYYZ…!!

I’d love to do that one, but in October I contacted FlyTampa and they said “it’s already in Alpha”. Somehow there is still no news from them about it. I emailed them again today. Chances are they will release it eventually, and it makes no sense for me to compete as it’s a huge project. Only if they will confirm that they have cancelled it for some reason I could take it on. But I don’t think that’s likely. They also have good CYUL for other sims, but also not released for MSFS yet…

Any chance of a good Montreal CYUL ?? :slight_smile:

I’d love to, but FlyTampa is expected to release that…