[Release] Selcuk-Efes (Ephesus) Airport - LTFB - Turkey | StandByArda

Selcuk-Efes (Ephesus) Airport (LTFB) is the airport located in Selçuk, İzmir, whose management and control belongs to the Turkish Aeronautical Association. Located 85 km south of Izmir city center, next to the famous ancient city of Ephesus, the airport was opened in 1993.

What to expect about the scenery?

-Handmade 3D Models based on real life ones.
-Taxiway and taxisigns
-Runway, Runway Lights and Runway Escape Areas based on real charts
-Special ground paintings and textures
-Parking Ramps based on real charts.
-Landscaping with extreme details
-Waving Flag of Turkey (First in Turkey Sceneries)
-Vegatation arrangement around the airport

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