[RELEASED] Ant's Airplanes Tiger Moth

I didn’t try keeping the slats locked in flight ( I forgot! sorry ) but they’re locking on the ground for me as usual after a couple of flights. That’s even more annoying than them being broken for everyone when it comes to finding the problem S:

Not sure if it’s me or the sim changing a bit but both the TM & the Winjeel seem to have super sensitive rudders atm.

Well that’s good, thankfully it’s not something which affects flying the aeroplane, just a bit of a distraction for me at least on the ground. Apparently taxying with the slats out can cause all sorts of problems with the mechanism in real Tiger Moth’s. I’d be very pleased to have to consider that!

Discovered today that if I use a key binding the auto slats work as intended, but there is a problem if using the mouse.

Don’t have the Winjeel but the Tiger Moth rudder seems as it always was to me!

Hmm. I unlocked them last flight with the mouse, and then used my flaps binding to pull them in again - I’ll try with the mouse for everything when I have a moment.

I have big old Crosswinds for pedals, feet at shoulder width & the amount of effect I get from just slight pressure is a bit ridiculous, I guess I’ll have to start editing :S