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Not yet available…

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This file is currently pending approval - maybe the file is broken or not working or needs to be approved. We kindly ask for patience while the file is not available for download currently.

I was seeing that same message, but after refreshing it was available and am downloading now. Can’t wait to go soaring!

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Downloading now. :grinning:

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I must say it’s beyond great to be back in a glider. All my hours IRL are in gliders and haven’t been able to get in the sky much since all that covid came about.

This is some great work! Been in it for nearly two hours now. One flight… Still flying too. Just grabbed my phone out to say how much I’m loving it and appreciative of all the work thats gone into this amazing bird.

Thanks all at GotFriends! What a way to start the new year!


50 years ago, I started to fly and learn to fly with Blanik Glider from Czech.

At this point, my wish was to fly a passenger plane like the 747!

Today I think the “real” flight, like a bird, is only possible with simple planes, without engines and without complicated avionics.

Today “Discus-2c Glider” from Gotfriends was released as freeware in “flightsim.to”. A very good glider, with a modern design and devices such as winch launch control and digital variometer that you can experience real flights with it.


Does anybody know how to add more altitude to the winch? Seems like 2000 meters is the maximum allowed by the winch.

Hi, and happy new year to all especially to the great folks at Gotfriends for their wonderful Discus 2c!
Just did my first flight with it from LOWI to LOIJ using the built in winch launcher and some southerly winds. (Foehn)
What a wonderful experience!
Thank you so much for this beautiful gift to the community!


Just downloaded it 2 hours ago. Two words: Love it!
To all that haven’t downloaded it yet, make sure you do.
As mentioned before, I have quite some hours in real life on the gliders.
When I was soaring in the meantime on the pc I used to have condor 1, and version 2 later.
Altough I never flew the discus in real life, the soaring trough the alps I did today, felt great and will give a lot of joy in the time to come. Its a great way to experience glider flying, for the advanced as well as the beginner pilot. Especially with the magnificent scenery from MSFS.
Well done Gotfriends!
Thanks for this beauty and a happy new year


I just had my 30 minutes flight. Really awesome!

I don’t know much about soaring. So I did read a little and watched some YT videos. I was not able to find information on the water ballast. What is it for? How you should handle it? When to empty the water tanks?

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Hey! Thank you for the support. Higher Ballast weight increase speed but decrease lift ability. A lot of individuals like to drop Ballast to around 75% weight prior to flight (either with the handle or weight loadout menu). This is completely based on your preference, weather conditions, flight plan and pilot weight.

Once your flight is nearing its end, you’ll need to open your Ballast valve and dump all water weight. This takes around 6.5 minutes and will ease your landing, decrease your roll distance, slow you down, and (in real life) prevent any unnecessary damage caused by landing with full weight.


I just tried the Discus-2c glider/gliding today for the first time. Had a lot of fun, way more than I expected over the Swiss Alps. I ended up with a smooth but too fast landing that had the glider pivoting around after using the wheel brake too much while trying to slow down and I was thinking I had missed something, and didn’t know about ballast aspect. I did find the spoilers very useful though!
Lovely glider, and thank you for your the hard work producing it. Everyone should be giving it a try out, it’s a lot of fun. :+1:


Anybody got some good guides on how to read the electronic variometer and it’s different modes? I get the general concept but what do the red and blue arrows indicate?

Also presume the second one is just a mechanical backup though I’m puzzled at what the adjustable ‘speed’ ring does?

Also what is that little tassel thing on the canopy supposed to be for?

It would be great if there was a little more description in the flight manual for beginner glider pilots about the instruments and some basic tips on gliding.

Just a fantastic effort all around though! I really enjoyed the few flights I had even with my wonky winch launches…

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Just tried an aerotow with kinetic assistant from Innsbruck. worked brilliant! I picked a random plane that was about to take off, while the poor fellow probably didnt even noticed i was tailgating him with a piece of rope. Only downside that he took me to some deserted valley to do some sightseeing instead of towing me to the 1200th floor.
So if anyone need a taxiride up, Iam more than happy to provide you you a lift as a towplane. just sent me a DM and I will give you my discordname where we can exchange the details off the tow (when where etc)

Aerotow pilot needed? - Fly Together / Find a Friend - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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The Schleicher sailplane on FSX was very enjoyable and had the same superb full glass canopy view as the F-16. Not many planes can make one feel like sitting or more riding on an airplane, the Discus 2 can.

I have downloaded it and will test it soon :slight_smile:

My personal preference is having an engine (or at least a small electric engine many sailplanes nowadays have) because that gives the freedom of making as much landings and touch and go around as I want, a pure sailplane is fully dependand on thermals and winds.

I love it. I just wanted to have a quick look for 10 minutes and it turned into 2 hours. This peace, this relaxation and then the view in the MSFS, just terrific. I am a big fan of the Condor Soaring Simulator, but there I don’t have the beautiful scenery. Many thanks to the team.


Hello and Happy new year! :slight_smile:
On Discus 2c you have the winch launch control that help you making one after the other landing. In my opinion, not complicated Glider is better than complicated! :slight_smile:

This plane is really nice. I was Happy I learned to fly Gliders at 14, then did Solo in Cessna 150 Aerobat at 15. Helped me really get landings down in power planes after only having one shot at it in the glider. Even seemed to help with the lighter touch needed when I got my Helicopter rating.

This Glider is super fun, and MS/ Asobo has put in glider conditions for ridge soaring… so find a good mountain to fly at, and check the pull downs in the weather window.

Wowww! :slight_smile: Nice to meet you. Have you tried the presetting weather for soaring? That’s wonderful too. In general, flying with Discus2c is relaxing.


Fantastic work! Thank you Got Friends team.

Just took a flight in VR along the Schwabische Alps this evening to test it out and shared a couple of thermals with another Discus who happened to be in the area. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this aircraft in the skies shortly.

Aerotows with Kinetic Assist worked really well too when I found the switch on the panel!