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See this is what bugs me why do you pay for a premium product then have to use another product for part of it to work ?
i’ve had the same discussion with them regarding tow planes for this glider if you dont have AI aircraft around or multiplayer then you have to use kinetic assistant to get a tow , now i use the free version a lot and i dont mind for that and it works great but i expected wrongly it seems that on the pay version this might have been installed with it. On another note the weather presets DO have thermals and they work well and its quite fun but you can so all this on the free one if i’m going to pay for something i want it to at least offer more and not be tols to use someone elses program to get something to work

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The weather presets do contain thermals and is very good fun, check out the free version

The payware version includes a FES motor, so self-powered. The freeware version doesn’t have the motor but does have all the improvements.

You don’t need Kinetic Assistant to winch launch, it has it’s own built in winch launcher.

For a tow, you’ll just need another aircraft (obviously). Real player or AI works. I spent a happy few hours hanging around the runway threshold at Heathrow getting free tows from departing aircraft.

Live weather works for ridge lift and since SU9 for thermals too.

So in all, you don’t need any other software to use either the freeware or payware versions of this glider.


Hi ‘Got Friends’ team.
Thank you very much for the Discus-2c.
Although the free version is fantastic I’ll purchase the premium version to honor your efforts to make MSFS 2020 glider-ready.
Thank you very much also to all other enthusiasts for their gliders and their add-ons like Kinetic Assistant, sceneries and so on.
Enjoying easy-flying with a glider in the mountains around the world after a long working day, the other absolutly satisfying matter with this ‘wonderful peace of software’ is the community around the add-ons.
Thank you an go on.
Greetings from Germany.


I’ve had a couple of 2H+ flights on live weather. There actually are thermals in live weather now. It’s probably not completely realistic yet (they’re a lot smaller than what I would expect), but thermals are already part of live weather.

Should only improve in the future :slight_smile:

Here’s one of my routes;


There are already thermals in live weather though. It’s probably not entirely developed yet, and improvements should come in the future, but I’ve already done several 2 hour + flights in the Discus in live weather. Here’s one of them;


Sorry, noob question.
It’s my understanding that Kinetic Assistant is not strictly needed for this glider.
But what would it add to the gliding experience?

Xbox release date?

Submitted and waiting on Asobo. We unfortunately have zero control or insight now. Just waiting to hear that its slated for release on release day.

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Where does the PH-SOAR come from?

you can add your own registration from the plane customization on the world map screen.

Do you mean PH-SOAR is your registration?
Then I should have been more specific - the data page on the left hand side oy your route map - how do you get that data page?

Hello! Thank you for this very nice addition to MSFS !!

I would like to know if you could provide more description about the weather presets included with the glider? Differences between them, when to use and how to fly them.


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that shows up if you look in your completed flights, just select a flight, then select the ‘statistics’ tab. During a flight you can look at it as well. If you have a flight plan loaded, it will tell you your ETA as well.


Wonderful sailplane. Congratulations.

I discovered two mistakes though. Payware version of the Discus 2c.

  1. the numbers on the analog compass run the wrong direction and the compas turns opposite to how a magnetic compas should turn.
    E.g. when flying North you see in the display from left to right 33 N 03. On a magnetic compas this should be 03 N 33.

  2. The digital variometer does not work properly either. The red (instantaneous variometer) seems stuck around 1 m/s.

And BTW, in several cases both variometers indicated a strong continuous lift, while the altimeter continued descending.


I thought the same but the compass is of a type inverted by a magnifying glass. Not sure about the second point but I think it might be possible as the variometers react relative to surrounding air mass rather than altitude itself.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe variometers show energy rather than lift. So they may be showing increasing energy even if you are descending. In that case I think the pilot has to convert the speed into altitude themselves.

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That sounds more like it … anyway I’m pretty sure it’s not a bug :slightly_smiling_face:

A variometer, and certainly the analog one, reacts to a change in air pressure. And they certainly indicate lift. Trust me, I have hundreds of hours flying IRL. I do understand the difference to a total energy variometer, where potential energy and kinetic energy are taken into account.
I do not say that this point is necessarily a bug in the Discus, it might be an anomaly in msfs.

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Interesting point regarding the compass. However, all the pictures of the real Discus 2c I have seen show the conventional readout.

And regarding the red needle of the digital compass, it is always stuck at around 1 m/s up. Independent of speed, movement of the air mass and it is certainly not the instantaneous indicator it is supposed to be. This must be a bug. Please take a look at several youtube movies posted by others.