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I wasn’t sure if I should open another thread, but I’ll try asking here first.

Basically, the question is: is the Discus-2c of much higher fidelity than the two gliders included in MSFS? (I have the premium deluxe version, in case that matters).

I specifically mean the flight characteristics, not so much the looks.


I don’t think I ever flew the ones you get in the sim now, but why not try the free Discus and try for yourself what you prefer?

Also there is some really good freeware options as you are on PC. I would be confident to say this one (AS-33 Me) is the best in terms of dynamics and features - even the developer of the Discus said so :smiley:

… but anything by Madolo you can’t go wrong:

Having said all that - I love the DISCUS!! It’s just right for me and has some real nice features.


Thank you very much for your input, Baracus.

The AS 33 does look really good indeed. I’ll try it out.

Also trying out the standard version of the discus is a great idea.

I was only wondering about the fidelity since there’s the occasional real life pilot in the forum and would like to know how they felt about it.

No worries! Definitely try the Discus free. I instantly got the Pro version after trying it - it’s lovely :slight_smile:

Well in reality - there is nothing much any developer can do until Asobo adds proper thermals and other conditions critical to Gliding/Soaring.

It’s all a bit of a workaround and not anywhere near as good as a dedicated glider simulator if that is the most important thing to you. (e.g Condor Simulator!). The joy here is in traversing the beautiful landscape without polluting the world and with just the sound of the wind on your windscreen :smiley:

Some weather presets are good enough to at least make it workable but I think any real glider pilot (from what I have read about it) would say it’s not the real deal… yet.

There is a great glider focussed Discord (Sim Soaring Club) you could join up on to get much more input :wink:


Thanks a lot once more!

I’m taking note of the discord and will definitely try out the weather presets. I saw them somewhere in another thread.



Can’t recommend checking out the Sim Soaring Club Discord strong enough. You’ll meet RL Pilots, developers, a great crowd of general gliding enthusiasts and every bit of info on every glider available in the game.


I used the discus free version since the beginning. Since the fs2020 was prepared for gliding and the discus came out at the marketplace I bought him directly, because of supporting the team. But the pro version has the FES electric motor version include. So I didn’t regret this not in the slightest.
If you use it as a professional my opinion is the use of oxygen could be improved and perhaps a little face lift in the cockpit, because for me I like Cockpits in which wear and tear is visible.
The other free glider previously mentioned, are very good of course, but for me the Cockpits are to clean, as mentioned before. The LS 8 from MS/Asobo is the best in this.
The DG 808 ist a great role model. Especially the pilot inside ‘without’ head is a big immersion, especially in VR. I think all planes should have avatars like this.
Happy Gliding and good luck.

The two default gliders have nothing to do with gliding apart from their looks. It was basically an insult releasing them like the pitts special that cant do aerobatics. You are much better off with any of the freeware gliders or the pro version or freeware Discus.
The weather definatly needs alot of improvement but the work arounds through gott friends and the simsoaring discord are great.
It will be discusting if in 2024 these community suggestions are not implimented or suparsed by the official glider team devs


Which brings us back to the old statments.
I can understand the principle of the statement and have described the development of the situation surrounding gliding as unloving in another place, but I still don’t want to support the statement in that special way.
I won’t repeat what I’ve already written elsewhere, but I’d like to make one thing clear again:
Gliding is something very special. Although it logically has to do with flying, the theme is very different from the rest of the possibilities, both technically and the way of flying.

That’s why gliding was never a real part for the developers in previous versions of MSFS.
Read the change list of the last SU updates there you see the confirmation. And it will only remain a peripheral area if we don’t come together as a group and vote loudly for it.
Complaining doesn’t work and making good suggestions doesn’t help either. It’s not because MS and Asobo don’t know how to do, but they don’t invest because we’re not at the top of their rankings.

In my opinion, the wish list has a major disadvantage. Suggestions become outdated and slide downwards. If you don’t read them all the time you get 10 or 20 votes. If it is a topic with a lot of writing, the suggestion remains at the top of the list and the possibility of getting votes increases. Without contributions, the suggestions become bogged down, no matter how good they may be and also be technically easy to implement.

The post in the wish list does NOT have to say we need better weather simulation. That is good enough for flying. But not for gliding. The question of improving gliders doesn’t apply if no one uses them anyway.
The entry in the wish list must read:


And if there are only 50 votes, the wish is closed for MS and Asobo. And I agree with them in that case.
If there are 3,000 people worldwide who seriously want to glide in FS2020, then we are very much in the minority, but if these 3,000 people really give their voice together in a voting and say that ‘we realistically want to glide’ , then we will be at the top of the ranking. Then the developers would have no choice but to react accordingly.

Make it so, or not?

Our choice. But one, two or maby 25 VOTES for them self would do nothing to support gliding in Fs2020 or FS 2024.
Good luck
BTW You definitely have my vote.

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Discus-2c: Official Holiday Update!
Freeware and Payware | Version 2.0.8.

A lot of work has gone into this update! This Discus-2c continues it’s New Years Legacy as we update you once again this holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Official Changelog:

  • Updated Flight Model for Realism
  • Updated Motor Dynamics for FES Variant
  • Re-Adjusted FES Wingtip Wheel Contact Points
  • Re-Added Optional Navigation Lights and Switch
  • Re-Added Navigation Lights Visibility to LXNav Settings Page
  • Adjusted Overall Winch / Towplane Speed
  • Replaced “Quick Winch Connection” with “Request Ai Towplane”
  • Added Ai Towplane Automatic Cable Release
  • Added New ADI Mode to Variometer
  • Fixed FLARM Visibility in Bright Conditions
  • Fixed Flickering Canopy / Window Components
  • Fixed Flickering Clickables in Cockpit
  • Fixed Multiplayer Rudder Animation
  • Fixed Dash Light Movement with Canopy
  • Enabled Autonomous Launch for “No Winch / Towplane” Spawning
  • Overhauled Project Coding to increase FPS Performance
  • Updated Localization File
  • Updated Manifest to Latest Version

Enabled Persistence (Flight-To-Flight) for the Following:

  • Variometer Energy Mode
  • Variometer Volume
  • Units of Measurement (Gauges)
  • Units of Measurement (Temperature)
  • Avionics Brightness
  • Adverse Yaw Setting
  • Macready Setting (Analog)
  • Macready Setting (Digital)
  • Water Ballast Levels
  • Oxygen Levels
  • Variometer Mode
  • Canopy Tint
  • Oxygen Visibility
  • Navigation Wingtip Lights
  • Red Guards Position
  • Yoke Visibility
  • Yawstring Visibility
  • Cockpit Pilot Visibility
  • Compass Visibility
  • FLARM Visibility
  • GoPro Visibility
  • A/C Vent Position

Launch Options Available:

  • Aerotow (MSFS Default - Use Aircraft Selection Menu → Launch Method)
  • Winch Launch (MSFS Default - Use Aircraft Selection Menu → Launch Method)
  • Autonomous Launch (MSFS Default - Use Aircraft Selection Menu → Launch Method)
  • Multiplayer Connection (Built into Discus Launch Menu - Click “Glider Icon Button” on LXNav)
  • Request Ai Towplane (Built into Discus Launch Menu - Click “Glider Icon Button” on LXNav)
  • Original Winch Launch (Built into Discus Old Menu - Click “SD Card” on LXNav)

Additional Notes:

  • Flightsim.to Update and In-Game Marketplace Update have been submitted and will be posted at their discretion.
  • If you are using JackBilbo’s Navigation Mod, please wait for his next update. We cannot confirm that all new features will work with his current version!
  • The Autonomous Launch Thumbnail at the aircraft selection menu is extremely ugly. We are not able to update this because it’s Asobo’s unfinished placeholder.
  • There have been questions circulating about Weather Preset Packs. They are now managed by SCC and a great Soaring Weather Pack is Available at:
    Soaring Weather for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

Download Available:


Thanks for the info, I bought on Flightsim.to, hope It comes very soon the new version 2.0.8…?
Many thanks for your great work. :wave: :ok_hand: :heart_eyes:

Hello there,

When using the native launch options no matter how i do it and how many times iv tried after a second of the launch the winch disconnects every time.

Am I doing something wrong ?

Hard to tell without more details or a video

This shows it, using any of the NATIVE launch methods results in the winch just
disconnecting. Iv tried multiple airfields and the two different variants of the glider and the same issue occurs.

This should be addressed in the next update.

Ahh brilliant cheers ! sorry I didn’t see that as not in the discord

Yeh wasn’t sure if it was a bug or me being a numpty when flying it.

I have both a Discus-2c and a Discus-2c FES , what is the difference?

Can you recommend a couple good sites for soaring?

What does the pay version add?

thanks (I’m a CFI-G) and tow pilot.

If you have the FES, that means you have the premium (paid) one already, no? FES is a small electric powered prop that can get you up and keep you up in emergencies.

Good sites. Anywhere with mountain ridges really! I like the Alps with a not-all-snow weather preset.

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I strongly recommend using the Soaring Weather presets developed by the Sim Soaring Club (also you can join the discord for all things soaring in MSFS, the link is in description in flightsim.to).
The weather presets improves the experience both in plains and in mountain.


thanks for the replies… I guess I bought the pay version and forgot about it.

Cool to refind it … flying today … very well done Got Friends.

FES = Front Electric Sustainer !

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