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The DoubleEnder Project | Official Trailer
Our Beta Team has crushed this first week of testing and we are very pleased to say that the DoubleEnder is on track for a release sometime in the next month! Take a moment, prepare yourself, and enjoy this Official Trailer to celebrate the tester’s hard work! Without their dedication to the community, we wouldn’t be anywhere near this phase of development!


Final result of the complex Dynamic Dirt system on the upcoming DoubleEnder!
Over 128 layers of 3D Mud and Decals splattered over the entire aircraft with Dry and Wet triggers!
Wet hard surfaces, rain, and water of any type will also clean her off for you!

This has been a massive work in progress and I’m very happy to show the final results!


Dynamic Dirt? That was pretty cool.
We’ve now added multiple layers of Tire Wear and Tear with consequences!
Make sure to change those tires after a week of bush flying!


Just need a study level power washer simulator now. Looking forward to trying to clean my tyres in a river only to misjudge it completely and end up swimming back to shore. This is looking really great!


I’ll probably stay dirty.

The DoubleEnder Project | Realism Deep Dive
A preview into what’s possible with our latest aircraft systems!

Before I start, I would like everyone to give a huge shout-out to Got Gravel. Everything featured in this update would not have been possible if it wasn’t for his coding knowledge and dedication to realism.

The MVP-50P System
Our MVP-50 rendition is a robust system management display with everything you could ever ask for. Developed fully in-house, this is the most complex unit we’ve ever thrown into one of our aircraft. So if this unit is the “Glue” for all your management, what does it do? Currently, it has 6 Display Pages and 2 Additional Screens.

From Left to Right

The default screen, accessible by clicking the “Home” Button or by scrolling to Page 1 is your Engine Data Center. Everything from Manifold Pressure to Fuel Quantity is tracked and displayed on your unit for easy viewing. This display accurately tracks all main system functions and displays them in near real-time. Did I mention it also tracks each individual cylinder head on your Rotax 916iS? Of course it does! In the DoubleEnder, we actually have two Rotax 916iS Engines. The Top MVP-50 will monitor your Front Engine while the Bottom MVP-50 monitors your Rear Engine.

The next two images you will find your various “Screen Replacements” by cycling through them with the SCRN Button. You can leave it as the default screen and easily access Fuel, Oil, and Battery Data, or you can utilize the alternative screens. Currently, we have a Digital Gauge Screen and a Competition Screen. They will show alternative data like Airspeed, Altimeter, Heading, and other extras like Ground Roll Distance and Wind Speed. The latter can be very useful in any friendly STOL competition and will provide the perfect screenshot to share with your competition.

Next is the MVP-50 Configuration Page. Here you will find various settings that modify the MVP-50 Units. This includes Brightness Settings for the entire virtual cockpit and various Unit Settings for data read-outs.

Next is arguably the biggest feature of the DoubleEnder, the Aircraft Configuration Page is you go-to hub for all aircraft modifications. This includes various settings like if your Belly Pod is installed, whether you want realism settings like Electrical Failures (Popping Breakers), Engine Failures, Wear and Tear, Dynamic Dirt, Visual Effects and much more! This should be your first stop during pre-flight to ensure you’ve fully tailored your experience before take-off. Did we mention that every setting has persistence (Flight-to-Flight)? Set it once and forget about it! Or customize it for your perfect screenshot. Many of these items have multiplayer compatibility… so get creative!

The Aircraft V-Speeds Page displays important information for various speeds and is fully dynamic with Weight! This is a very useful tool to help you calculate your perfect take-off or landing.

The last two pages deal heavily with our included realism settings. Wear and Tear has been implemented into the DoubleEnder as a core-feature! I would like to iterate that all these features can be turned off for any beginners out there. The DoubleEnder can simulate many failures, whether that is High RPM Stress, Alternator Stress, Brake Degradation, Worn Tires, or even Battery Life! Once again, all these settings are persistent and will follow you from one flight to the next! On top of that, all damage has gradual consequences and will affect your overall flights. Watch this page carefully and fix any issues that appear in the Workshop Page when you are parked with the engine off. Some of these damage modules even have visual indicators, especially Tire Damage! The Wear and Tear Aging Overide Page can be used to fully customized your flight experience. Do you want to fly with a fully damaged Front Alternator? Go ahead and feel the consequences… the world is your oyster!

This undertaking has been a massive development process for our whole team. I hope that sharing this information with you gets you excited for the upcoming release! In the future I will share the Flight Manual with everyone so you can go deeper into these systems. Our goal with the DoubleEnder was to create deep depth with a simplistic cockpit. The aircraft is fairly simple in terms of controls and gauges… I mean, look at that view, not much room for more! We hope that our dedication to the systems involved will push the limits of what’s truly possible in Microsoft Flight Simulator. I hope to see you all in the DoubleEnder very soon and can’t wait to share more information with you all in the future!

Cheers and Safe Travels,


This is all just fantastic! And its not very far away! Love it!

That does look really neat. I do love some customs avionics. So with tyre damage can you have a tyre burst on landing which’ll send you spinning off? That’ll be quite fun to deal with :grin:


Don’t you start delaying the release with your good ideas! (…but yeah, I want that :smiley: )

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You guys keep pushing the envelope!! Amazing attention to detail…

Questions regarding the MVP-50P: Will the pushbuttons have oversize hitboxes? (to make them easier to select), and will the buttons be bounded to keys/joysticks?

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Will new tyres be available in the marketplace at the same time or will we have to wait for Microsoft to test them? :wink:

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This looks incredible @DigitalJonx … but is there room for another “page” with Sky4Sim integration? :smiley: Or a separate tablet like in Wilga / Mini-500? You can’t seriously consider taking a step BACKWARDS with this creation, can you? :stuck_out_tongue: :angel:

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in my opinion having tablets is a step backwards :wink:
hell, I would have loved a steam gauge version… :smiley:

OK then, a hologram projector with semi-transparent Sky4Sim like in Star Wars? Or some way to neurally implant the information direct into my brain would do.

Will the P-factor be removed or reduced by having two props?

Assuming they spin in opposite directions of course.


wow, there’s even a USB port to plug in my phone! sick! I’ll take one.


Already said it on the discord as a retired real life pilot who did a lot of back country busch flying this sure has my interest 200% cant wait to get my hands on this little beast.


Yes they are counter-rotating :slight_smile:


That’s what RPM is, isn’t it? Counter rotati…never mind.