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wow, there’s even a USB port to plug in my phone! sick! I’ll take one.


Already said it on the discord as a retired real life pilot who did a lot of back country busch flying this sure has my interest 200% cant wait to get my hands on this little beast.


Yes they are counter-rotating :slight_smile:


That’s what RPM is, isn’t it? Counter rotati…never mind.


Day 1 for me as are all your products, Day 1 all day every day!

Oops, Did I say it…DAY 1

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I have some aircraft to catch up on before I jump into this one. Namely, the Wilga still needs to be acquired. :slight_smile:


Double Ender Details June 19th 2023

Details on release timeframe
Testing has been well underway with nightly builds releasing to our closed beta testing team. Ultimately it will be our joint check off on all features stability and user experience before we decide to ship it but based on feedback from testers, it looks like we’re under 30 days to release. We have allowed testers to share their experiences on in public social spaces (Discord / Forums / Twitch / Etc…). You can frequently see streamers twitch.tv /thedukenewcomb and /oohcando flying the Double Ender.

Details on Release Platfroms
The Double Ender will be releasing to both PC and Xbox series S/X via Marketplace as well a PC release version from our website www.got-friends.com. We would love to have a simultaneous release across all platforms and are submitting to Microsoft as early as possible but due to the nature of marketplace releases, its difficult to gauge a specific timeframe. We are however confident in the changes to marketplace that have aircraft releasing quicker than before.

Details on Pricing
Team and beta testers have agreed on a $19.99 USD pricepoint to place it relative to other bush aircraft currently on offer. We felt this would keep it accessible but also reflect all of the amazing ‘flagship’ features the Double Ender has. This project has truly shaped into the definitive bush flying experience in sim, and if you enjoyed the work we put into the Wilga, or maybe held off due to it’s pricepoint, this is the perfect opportunity to get into the virtual back country once again.

From our team
We never could have anticipated the reception for such an odd looking home built one-off. A huge thanks to an amazing testing team, MortThe2nd, FrankiePoops, TwistedAviator, NorCally, TheDukeNewComb, OohCando, for their dedication to testing. Seeing you boys fly it on a full tank for 7 hours till shes empty multiple times with the community on streams has been exceedingly heartwarming… Also a huge thanks to our partners TwoToneMurphy, VascoMSFS, and SimFlightPro for sharing their experiences throughout the community. Excited to get this one in everyone’s hands. Its a whole lot of fun and makes for an absolutely stunning experience in the back country. We’re really excited to bring the Double Ender to MSFS 2020 and beyond, alongside our full roster of projects, and just want to extend our sincerest thanks to all of you that continue to support our team’s unconventional aircraft endeavors in flight simulation.

Till next time,
GotFriends Developer Mykrode


Nah got to be a modernist :slight_smile: Glass everywhere lol

In all fairness having the Sky4Sim Pad is a great bonus.

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Very happy with the price! I thought the Wilga was too much so this is perfect. Can’t wait


That’s amazing feedback to hear. We saw the feedback relating to the Wilga price-point and wanted to ensure every bush pilot enthusiant (new or experienced) can access this aircraft with what we believe is the most advanced bush aircraft in the simulator.



Huge Announcement Tomorrow!
Don’t miss our Livestream Reveal!

Timer is up on our Official Website!


Wow that’s a beautiful livery!
Is it just me or is the prop feathered backwards though? Is that accurate?
Anyway I’m super hyped for this lol

Let the Hype Begin!


Hopefully the DoubeEnder will work better than Apollo 13! :grin:

where’s the Add to Cart button??


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What’s the saying, “Any landing that you can walk away from…”? :slight_smile:

What kind of cruise speeds are we getting out of this bad boy?

Flight Manual Available Now!

This also includes you’re speeds :wink: