[RELEASED] F4F-4 Wildcat | Got Friends

“the waiting is the hardest part” - Tom Petty

Every time I see a new post about the wildcat, that song instantly gets in my brain box!


We actually had the prop backwards temporarily in this clip. Developer Jonx finished animations last night with proper blurs, correct rotation direction, as well as twist for propeller course / feather transition states. Just got the latest package this morning so excited to do some test flying. :smiley:


Wow, that looks spectacular!

A silly question if you don’t mind. The wing textures aren’t left to right mirrored, are they?

I just noticed that you have the stars and bars on the top of both wing surfaces which I think they abandoned when they got rid of the star and meatball.

Man, I’m getting hungry! :joy:

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No, we don’t do mirrored textures for anything apart from panel line decals and rivet sheets. This is because stacked UVs in substance painter bake dark. The extra set of stars may have just been from a visual reference TwoSeventy had found when painting. Our most recent reference shows only a star on a single wing, with a yellow strip on the other. :metal:


Rock on indeed, Sir.

Rock on indeed. :metal:

that looks so good, I can’t wait. Hoping for a paintkit as well…


You’ll always get paint kits with all our products :slight_smile: Excited to see your future work :slight_smile:

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Good! Immediate flashback to the helicopters in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, with the registration “I808I”. I don’t think it’s a palindrome by accident. :grin:

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Are you guys open to alpha or beta testing offers from those with valid credentials (real world aviation experience, engineering, other applicable traits) or do you rely on an internal / already established team for your products?

We roll in new people from project to project and often have at least one or two real world pilots onboard for testing. For example, during the development of Wilga, we had users Rafikist and Snake onboard with testing as they were both Polish members of the community with hands on experience flying real world Wilgas. Their input was critical on refining the flight model, verifying the function of switches and buttons, as well as translation and corrections on labels for the authentic polish varients of the Wilga.

For the Wildcat, we have a small team of trusted testers we’ve had on previous projects, including user TwistedAviator, who spent countless years as a naval pilot, flying various aircraft like the harrier. In addition, hes got some experience with warbirds.

It’s worth noting, often though, getting on the alpha testing team comes through word of mouth and if a member of our community is active / trusted to not leak, or distribute intellectual property ahead of release.

Understood - appreciate the insight as I sent another team member a message pertaining to this but didn’t hear back. Presumably don’t have strong enough credentials (especially based on the resumes of your exemplars) but was just curious. Thanks again.

Need some Raw Gameplay?
40 Seconds of a Carrier Landing

  • Everything seen and heard is still very much a work in progress!

Swoooon. I can’t wait to try and land this on the claustrophobic WW2 carriers

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Hey guys, someone added a note referring to this F4F simulation on Wikipedia’s F4F Wildcat page!!!


My copy of Flying Leathernecks is ready to watch on release. :sunglasses:


“Al-right Pil-grims, your signal is Pan-cake.”

Love it! :joy:


@DigitalJonx can’t wait for this to be available do you have a date when you plan to release?

Have not yet sent it off to our testing team as we still have a handful of things to work on. It will be a 2023 release before the year is over. No dates yet though.


will you have a few paint schemes out of the box from the Cactus Airforce??

there were some heroic Wildcat pilots at Guadalcanal, boys…
either way - by providing a decent paint kit, the talented 3rd party artisans will make it happen


Thanks can’t wait