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Curiously along both of these lines of discussion, the international seaplane flyin at Moosehead Lake in Maine has a balloon “bombing” competition. I was looking for some pictures of it, but couldn’t find any, but I’m at work.


(not to mention I also created some scenery for the Lake with a ton of dock parking locations and even a couple of lane parking where you can drive into the water in an amphibious plane)

I think the new Beale AFB scenery from Blackbird has a bomb target out near the radar array, no scoring though

My go-to for bombing practice is Edwards AFB, specifically the giant compass rose in the sand. Very easy target.

While we’re at it, some strafing targets would be cool, maybe a Wilga towing an aerial target!?

You mean a glider? :rofl:


F4F-4 Wildcat: Official Release Date
Plus Revealing our Website Exclusive Livery!

Release Date: September 25th, 2023

  • 7:00pm (UTC)
  • 2:00pm (CDT)

Website Release: Available for $19.99

In-Game Marketplace will Release at Microsoft’s Discretion

Let the Countdown Begin!

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First day buy here, but is there a POH/Manual available to read before release?

Finishing it up today, should be out tomorrow publicly :slight_smile:


My birthday is on the 26th. So, Happy Birthday to me! :man_dancing:

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For those looking for a manual, there’s a lot of good information here. You’ll have to register to download the POH. There’s an F4F-4 manual down the page a bit.


The universal repositionable cockpit tablet is totally possible to implement. It exists, or at least a good way towards what you’d want. The main prerequisite is having VR. There are a couple mods such as the Ingamepanel All In One tablet, which are a resizable tablet and can be put at your knee or passenger seat. If you don’t care that the window doesn’t have a realistic bezel, any addon window is generally floating & repositionable in 3D space like this.


Good to know … thanks

Not sure if I have ever looked forward to a Monday on a Friday before but here we are :sweat_smile:


Ahhh so torn about this one. Not the perfect one for me but so want to support GotFriends and maybe they’ll do another more akin to my flying style next time.

Look, if you’re torn about the ‘realism’ aspect, it seriously isn’t farfetched to not have a GPS.

I’m up close and personal regularly with warbirds, and none of them have any form of ‘modern avionics’.

Not sure if this helps with your decision or not, but there’s a ton which just fly VFR.

If it isn’t for you that’s fine, I just don’t see any reason to be going back and forth :slightly_smiling_face:


The Warbirds may not be fitted with “Modern” electronics, but I bet many of the pilots that fly them are, in the form of Portable Radios, Portable GPS systems, and Tablets.


With the ones I know they have Radios of course, but no Tablet or GPS onboard. Everything is conducted under pure VFR.

If I were flying my $1 Million War Bird , say up from Florida, to Oshkosh, I would make sure I had a $500 Portable GPS maybe with an aviation database, and possibly some device I would get live weather info on.


I just checked through my photos of all the Collings’ warbirds cockpits. No GPS in any of them. A few have a radio tucked off to the side like a KX-155 and transponder, or a small 3x3 Collings. That’s it. Looked at a couple of Stearman, a Storch, a Cessna Bamboo Bomber, a UC-78 (Navy Cessna T-50), an F6F-3, a WACO UPF-7, a P-40, and a couple of others.

Edit, oh yeah, and a T-6

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Exactly, none may have Permanently installed ( certified IFR) GPS system, but who know what a pilot may choose to carry in their personal flight bag,


(Garmin aera® 660 | Handheld/Portable Aviation GPS)