[RELEASED] F4F-4 Wildcat | Got Friends

You’re better at this than I am :wink:


Maybe get him a pillow so he can see over the dash better?

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Just wanted to add that the upcoming F-14 from IndiaFoxtEcho/Heatblur will also be coming with it’s own carrier.

Nice job! On the old boats I think you would have something like 10-12 wires, a knee knocker, and a barricade.

Wire 4 ain’t so bad! :grin:

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Does crash detection still have to be turned off?

how much til release :wink: ?

We’re already on the 5th closed beta build, with internal fixes sent between the dev team nightly. As always, sometimes you may get a better jugde on how close we are to release by asking our beta testers what they think of the aircraft so far. More often than not, we continue tweaking, reworking till they run out of feedback, at which point we do our final checks and ship it. There is still a bit of sound work to be done, and maybe a couple more launch liveries to be painted. Apart from that, just refining interactions, fine flight model / ground handling adjustments. Cant give a date but I anticipate just a couple weeks.


It’s looking great, everyone involved with Got Friends is always so awesome to post updates on their projects. Much appreciated!


Jonx, this is looking absolutely fantastic as is usual for GotFriends. However, the missing ‘n’ from the ‘annoucement’ in the thread title hurts my brain every time I open this thread. Please, for the sake of my sanity, correct this ASAP. :slight_smile:


Better? :wink:


Official Development Update: F4F-4 Wildcat
Beta Progress, Feature List and Early Picture Previews

Our closed beta has been going very well. We have been fixing quite a bit of bugs and finishing up the soundpack. This aircraft has always been a “dream” to our team. We started development on this aircraft almost 2-years ago and our entire team is extremely happy with the near-final results. It’s been a pleasure recreating history with this aircraft. Every switch, every lever, ever function has been tediously studied and implemented in the simulator. You will not find INOP switches in the Wildcat. I’m sure you all have seen many of the videos leading up to this post, so our team thinks it’s best to highlight the feature list of the Wildcat:

Official Feature List:

  • Complex Electrical System with Circuit Breakers
  • Free-Castoring Tail Wheel with Simplified and Authentic Options
  • Engine Vibration Effects on the Interior and Exterior
  • Handle Interactions with Automatic and Hand-Cranked Modes
  • Propeller Damage, Crash Damage, and Visual Sparks, Smoke, and Heat
  • In-Cockpit Checklist with Additional Customization Options
  • Collimated Gunsight with Two Reticle Options
  • Tailhook Assisted Landing
  • Simulated Launchbar for Assisted Launching
  • Aircraft Carrier Support with Touching Cloud, Shrike Simulations, and Supercarrier Pro
  • Custom WWISE Soundpack
  • Vintage Dial VHF Radio and Transponder Units
  • Multiplayer Animations (Canopy, Wingfolding, Weapons, Lights and Code of the Day Signals)
  • Deeply Simulated Engine Priming with Animated Feedback
  • Dynamic Airframe Drag (Canopy Position, Fuel Tanks, Bombs and Cowl Flaps)
  • Droppable Bombs with Real-Time Physics and Visual Explosions base on Ground Enviroment
  • Droppable Droptanks with Real-Time Physics and Fuel Dumping Visual Effects
  • Gunfire with Nighttime Tracers and Visual Effects
  • Custom Gun Camera Overlay with Vintage Film Effects
  • Headphone Simulation Built into the Aircraft
  • Emergency S.O.S. Morse Signal and Launchable Molin Signal (Flare) with Multiplayer Support
  • Smoke Generator with Multiplayer Support
  • Multiple 4K Livery Options with Historical Accuracy and Relevance
  • 3D Modeled Engine, Interior Avionics Bay and Landing Gear Bay with Intricate Animations
  • Start-Up Smoke, Combustion, Heat, Frost, Landing, Fly-By, Water, and Vortices Effects
  • Realistic Interior Lighting System with Dimmer Controllers

Official Picture Previews:

We hope you guys enjoy the additional information and early sneak peeks! We are working hard to deliver this aircraft to the public this month. We would like to stress that all Weapons and some Liveries will be exclusive to Website Purchases Only! These features will not be coming to the Official In-Game Marketplace for either PC or Xbox. If you plan on supporting our work directly on our website, you will gain access to these experimental features. Thank you all for the kind comments and we can’t wait to see you out there guarding the skies.

Until next time,
Got Friends


I like those firing shots :heart_eyes:

VR test day. First of many. Holy smokes, what an experience. You guys are going to love this!


Ha! Given you shared that (beautiful) shot of the inside of the rear, I’ve gotta share some pics of the Collings Foundation FM-2 at the American Heritage Museum in Hudson, MA… :joy:

Yes… these are seats inside the fuselage of an FM-2!


wow - the fuselage is roomy back there. Handy for taking the family to airshows


It is… the Wildcat is pretty tubby :joy:

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I’d turn my Wildcat into a camper, with a little kitchenette and a bunk bed…

So folks are thinking it, if it hasn’t already been discussed at length in other forums, but how feasible would it be to have a third party app doing the projectile trajectory calculations and hit testing for mock or simulated dogfights? It sounds like you guys are most of the way there already…

For a hot second there, I thought that those were some fancy seats in that wildcat. LOL


VIP transport!

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Late Night Operations…