[RELEASED] F4F-4 Wildcat | Got Friends

Don’t know enough to comment but a good rendition of a straight deck carrier would be excellent either way.

I’ll be getting LEX once this is released as you can’t have a navy fighter without a carrier.

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Want soooooo badly

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@DigitalJonx reviewers have reiterated that the Markeplace version will, naturally, come sans weapons.

I had asked earlier in the thread about an available separate weapons kit add-on via your website for use with the Marketplace version.

Is that still going to be made available?

(I started so long ago on Xbox, that I’ve sort of come to stick with the Marketplace for purchases, even though I’m on PC now.)

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The Lex is pretty basic though with no cold and dark parking spots and no toolbar widget to spawn at a parking spot either so you either have to start with everything turned on or start at some nearby airfield then slew your way over which isn’t ideal (or use one of those payware products that let you spawn elsewhere). Their modern Carrier Pro product will have a WW2 expansion at some point down the line which I’m looking forward to. Will be great to have a decent period appropriate carrier with cold and dark starts for this, the Hellcat and Corsair. Even better would be some British carriers. Gimme an Illustrious or Implacable class carrier!


Hopefully so. It’s only $9 for the LEX so comparing the price of the wildcat with the other warbirds from FI etc. I’ll just use the saving.

If anything it’s good for making a few cinematic vids.

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Correct, default installation on the marketplace will not have weapons, there will be an optional “free-to-download” replacement on the website though for owners.


This has been refined for the release version, as well as some other missed details. Cheers!

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If that’s the case I so need to learn how to create mods so I can get the in cockpit GPS like what as done with the GotFriends GeeBee.

It wasn’t authentic but it sure is useful.

This functionality will work. As in the Gee Bee R3, there is still backend autopilot functionality, even though front-end bezels/units dont exist in cockpit.

Sorry for the confusion earlier.


No problem thanks, from your last reply that’s how I took it anyway.

If I was half decent with graphic design as I am with scripting I may have given it a go to replace the gunsight as others have done.

As it’s not a project goal…maybe the community can get together to make one, I know I’m not alone :face_with_hand_over_mouth:……heads off to start reading the SDK :nerd_face:

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Just to verify one last time so we don’t portray any confusion, I believe this is the functionality you’re talking about, if so then yes, it does work. Same with pressing your Autopilot Toggle for those who just want a stable plane while they walk away for a quick second. :slight_smile:

That said, we don’t have plans for any gunsight/navigation radio swap features planned. Nor do we plan on adding them for release. Aside from some backend coding (Like this video Example), we aim to keep it fully era authentic for WW2. This includes era specific radios and a transponder for your main avionics suite. They do have Vatsim Compatibility. Cheers!


Absolutely Brilliant, exactly what I was looking for confirmation on.

This is why GotFriends are one of the most popular devs, well I think so anyway.

Demonstration, not just words.

I love that! I want to experience warbirds as vanilla as possible. When I see modernized versions with modern avionics it always makes my heart weep a bit. It’s bit like seeing a Mustang (the car) with an electric motor. :smiley:


Thanks again for sharing vid. If I may though I’d like to share an IRL video as to why I feel the GPS (ignoring autopilot) is quite an important addition. This is for a spitfire as couldn’t find a more appropriate one.

I respect the goal/opinion of the devs but from my perspective (and Im guessing also others) we have to keep in mind that we are not flying the plane in 1942. It’s not even possible to set the date back that far in the sim.

I use warbirds in MSFS to fly them in a modern setting, primarily because there is no way I can afford to pay for a real experience flight and certainly not own one. I can’t believe anyone would be flying these birds IRL in 2023 without some kind of modern navigation (even if on an external iPad) as shown in the video.

It’s also why I have no interest in the weapons. Its just a shame both sides of the fence could not be accommodated as your clearly are a clever team.

Please take this feedback as simply an observation and I do not want it to be seen in any way a critism for the hard work done.

We have a workaround albeit unfortunately just for PC users but I’m content with that. I think XBOX can now use Navigraph panel as well but is an additional subscription.


I think adding the “keypress AP” may be as “simple” as adding the Autopilot section to either the Flight_model.cfg or the Systems.cfg, I forget which, and then adjusting the values if necessary, which sounds like it’s already done.

There’s also a free mod out there on flightsim.to that I used to use as well for the P.149 and other planes. MSFS Mobile Companion App for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS. Unfortunately, again, it’s PC only.

As easy as it sounds to put in modern units and 3D bezels for those units, it would mess with the electrical system, switch configuration, defunct multiple boxes in the cockpit and rear, and also remove components like the gunsight which would once again make many switches inop and require major coding, texturing and 3D modeling overhauls.

At that point, we would be looking at a new variation of the aircraft and not a simple swappable option. That is, if we are trying to ensure the electrical system and “modern” cockpit is portrayed correctly and not just a “slap-on” visual. At Got Friends, we normally try to avoid slap on solutions and want them to fully make use of the electrical system without upsetting core features already in place.

So with full honesty, yes, we are not going to produce any modern variants with this release. Can you expect to see something in the future? Possibly, but this is varied on complexity. We try our best to accommodate all players, but in this case, we forced our perspective into one that holds more “historic” value.



Already done with this project and working as expected.


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Fairs, it’s only because I know FlyingIrons have done to :wink:

Really torn on an emotional vs practical decision now :flushed:.

is it possible to fly this bird at low speed with the canopy open and crash/stress damage enabled?

I’m not sure if Boresight had these switched on in his review but he does show the canopy open in flight.

with the latest Flying Iron Spitfire update I believe it’s not possible and I think they were saying it’s a bug in the sim. I won’t buy their spitfire for this reason.

Must. Contain. Myself. :roll_eyes: