[RELEASED] F4F-4 Wildcat | Got Friends

Just to be clear it was something that was working and then broke following an update. We all have our particular points of interest.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many that will say well if I can’t drops bombs or shoot blanks I’m not buying the wildcat. That point, credit to GotFriends for the effects but I couldn’t care less if they are there or not.

Being able to fly with the canopy open and notice the difference in the sounds between open/closed is an important factor for me.

Then just turn off the buggy as hell crash detection! Saying you won’t buy the Spitfire because of that bug is like saying that you won’t buy a particular car because there is this one alley that is littered with pot holes that you just refuse to avoid, even though all other roads around it would work perfectly fine with that car. :wink:


no, I fly with those on most of the time except in multiplayer with the number of hooligans in the sim.

And I do actually avoid roads with lots of potholes unless they are ones that I can avoid. Getting a puncture is a right pain in the butt, just like incorrect stress damage.

Instead of criticising my choices maybe you should be raising the issue with Asobo if you think it’s that buggy.

For the record the P-38 AFAIK does not suffer the same problem, only the spitfire and BF109 with the updates made by FI.

Someone elsss post not mine
“ Hey, love this plane and have had it for some time now. But this new bug(?) where opening the canopy and/or door immediately causing an overstress/crash is pretty ridiculous and breaks all immersion (as someone who plays in VR).
Most early Spitfire pilots would have canopy and door open on take-off in case of mishap, and users shouldn’t have to turn off damage/realism to use basic feature that worked in the past. Really, really, disappointed since last update”

It’s not just me but I’m guessing youre in the “pretty thing go boom boom” player camp so don’t understand these realism points.

anyways I’m hoping it’s not going to be a problem for this aircraft .

Proper trim is the poor-persons autopilot. :slight_smile:


Sadly, Asobo’s crash detection is totally broken. There’s no reason to have it on.

Many vendors have their own crash detection that works independently of Asobo’s crash detection.

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Even so, I personally have not had any majors issues with it so far so my point still stands…another player should not be trying to tell another how they should fly.

Proper trim is the only way to fly.

Who needs a yoke when you can adjust your trim a bit and go wherever you want?

First thing an instructor will tell you… “Trim, trim and then trim again… until you need to trim again”

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Even with crash detection enabled other people can’t crash into you. They just fly harmlessly through you.

FlyingIron explained why they changed their canopy opening modelling in the thread. It’s to do with multiplayer animation syncing and some sound issues. This is the Hellcat thread though so lets go back to that.

Jesus christ, you accuse others of criticising your choices and then you come out with this condescending crap.


You can fly with the canopy in any notched position, Open, Closed, Cracked, Half, Etc

Flying with Crash Detection turned on will not break the aircraft. However it will black your screen once you hit ground or hit trees or pull high/low G’s pass the aircraft’s limitations.

Flying with Crash Detection turned on will black your screen before you can see our crash effects/bent props.

Flying with Crash Detection turned on will black your screen on most moving carriers.

Therefore we recommend you fly with Crash Detection turned off in order to experience the full animation/effects in the case of an emergency belly landing. However, if you fly with it turned on, you will simply go to Asobo’s “Crash Screen” and be asked to restart your flight. Works either way.



Well I always did it anyway, as you say things can be seriously buggy in the sim so it wouldn’t surprise me if it could still happen in multiplayer. Better safe than sorry.

Definitely, let’s get this back to the wildcat. I don’t need a further reply from you as the aircraft hasn’t been released yet so only the devs can confirm on what is important to me to consider prior to purchase.

I fully support this feedback as I also fly my warbirds in the same terms. In other words I fly them as realistically as possible in today’s world.
I think there are only a few airworthy Wildcats but I would like to have at least one with the proper registration, cockpit and retrofitted with whatever the real plane is, if anything. Then we will be able to fly it from A to B for leisure or to demonstrations or airshows and that would be a realistic way to use the aircraft without traveling back in time.

I have absolutely nothing against simming past events but I prefer to sim in the present use vatsim, etc.

Is there anything from GF in this regard that can help us?


You’re dead wrong. But thanks for the assessment. Then go ahead and miss out out on one of the most realistically simulated and best aircraft in MSFS, because you are hopelessly married to a crash detection feature that only ever comes into play when you go “boom boom” or another MSFS bug rears its head. :rofl:

The irony …

What was I saying? Must. Contain. Myself. And so I shall henceforth.


It seems we have some similarities in our virtual pilot flying style :wink:

In all fairness Jonx has made GotFriends goals on this aircraft perfectly clear and that has to be respected.

One of the more recent replies seemed to indicate they weren’t completely closing the door on it but for now it’s a no go.

As a PC player I can use workarounds but Xbox (is that your platform?) players don’t have this choice.

I’ve found through this and past posts that GotFriends are very responsive I’m sure if the demand is there and the development effort is not considerable they would consider changing their stand in the future…we can only hope :grinning:

We’ve done replacement packages and added avionics suites in past Got Friends products. It’s not out of the possibility for the future and we normally revisit aircraft avionics after release. That said, yes, you are correct, “A no-go at release”.

Just to be clear.
I’m not interested in anything that is not realistic, in today’s context.
So if the current airworthy Wildcats do not have AP or GPS I don’t want that. I would just need the proper registration and aircraft livery to be able to fly it realistically in today’s world.
And of course the radio equipment but you already said that radios are going to work fine for Vatsim use.

Thanks again, i just want to clarify as you mention Crash Detection:

With the FI issue I can only go by what the other reviews have said but I think the canopy issue is a stress damage thing rather than collision. Essentially as soon as the canopy was opened the player would experience the stress damage notification following the recent updates and be forced to restart.

So with the Wildcat, if Stress Damage is enabled can the canopy be opened at low (take-off/landing) speeds? I’d be more than happy if I was dumb enough to open the canopy when going fast for it to result in an restart…or maybe even some kind of special effect with the canopy ripping off :laughing:

The limitation on Crash Detection for carriers is well known…why I leave that kind of stuff to DCS and IL2: 1946 :wink:

From your reply, we can fly with collision damage but the sim will always intercept the outcome before any of the special effects from GotFriends show up. Have I understood correctly?

Gotta love how epistemological debates about “realism” are totally derailing actual substantive discussion of what looks to be a great warbird. (SIGH)

I watched AvAngel’s preview this afternoon. Looks like a blast even though she seemed to have some keybind conflicts or something (randomly shooting off a flare; dropping her bombs when toggling to external camera view; random gunfire flare or something …). Aside from what look to be issues with her specific controls setup, the plane looks amazing and will be an instant buy from me.

Great job, GotFriends team. :slight_smile:


All the multiplayer effects, canopy, etc have to be routed through instances of the light variables, as they are the major part of the very limited selection of bindings that will transmit over the network to work independently in multiplayer.

So, if you have physical hardware switches and such, and one is mapped to a nav light, some hardware will continuously transmit the variable telling the light to turn on instead of just setting it once.

That’s why she was running into some of those issues with effects. Simply just a complication of how the hardware works.

You also should not press “L” to turn on all lights because it will trigger everything… lol

Hopefully in the future Asobo will make some multiplayer specific variables and that will solve a lot of the hardware conflict “issues”.


Well now I know what I’ll be trying :wink:


I take no responsibility for what might happen. lol