[RELEASED] F4F-4 Wildcat | Got Friends

The Military Aviation Museum FM-2 is top on my list, as soon as I get some time for repainting again.


Of course they could !! Actually quite simple code for the animation of the Mixture lever— technically something GF Devs could do in their sleep.

Pretty sure the BigRadials Goose has a similar mixture control (full rich, auto rich, auto lean, cutoff).

Not speaking for the person to whom you replied, but there’s a difference between animating the position of a lever and implementing the richness settings and particular combustion effects of each setting.

Now having said that, I am unfamiliar with the particulars of what is offered by the SDK versus what Got Friends may have custom-coded for the aircraft, but those “auto” settings mean the aircraft is actually automatically adjusting fuel burn; they are not just fixed points on the richness scale of unit fuel per unit oxygen.


Agreed… custom code is also needed to implement custom Auto controls.
I wonder if BigRadials Goose wrote custom code ?? :wink:

Hopefully this plane is doing well. Be cool if it’s successful enough to justify an FM-2 and Wildcatfish update!

Lovin’ it.

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The Narco Cay scenery is made by angryMK and is available here (with an update since yesterday) :

Thanks to all the creators who enhance our flying pleasure.

Blue skies.


F4F-4 Wildcat Released on the Official Marketplace

Friendly Reminder: The Marketplace Version does not have any weapons and some historical markings.

If you purchased the F4F-4 via the in-game marketplace on PC and would like to upgrade to the full experience, be sure to download our Marketplace Weapons Replacement Pack (Free-To-Download).

This will unlock:

  • Guns
  • Bombs
  • Kermit Weeks Livery
  • Kill Markers & Decal Art




you fellers just have the rightest ideas - carry on

Imagine Gotfriends making a fully blown study level single piston trainer GA. I’m here to see it, despite other devs potentially/eventually having that covered to the T.

Possibly one day… Our other offerings consists of a fiction aerobatic racer, an odd shaped optica, a glider, a homebuilt helicopter, a futuristic eVTOL, a double ended super STOL, a canoe, a ground effect lake skipping water vehicle, and an ugly wilga.

We don’t necessarily stick to the standard GA… I’m sure that’s why ya’ll like us anyways! :smiley:

We probably will just stick to the crazy, insane, and unique for a while :slight_smile:


you take that back right now!!


It is beautiful at heart!

User name checks out :wink:

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I don’t own the F4F-4, but my dad does so I was able to take it for a couple flights today. I really enjoy it. It’s a fun experience for sure. I’ve taken a little break from purchasing aircraft for the time being, but when I get back to it this one is high on my list. Now I want to see a GotFriends Bearcat!


…one of the best in MSFS!


Remasterized version of OPERATION WILDCUT

Thanks to Baracus250 for providing the voice :wink:

Narco cay scenery by angryMK


I’m a bit late to this party, but this plane came out on Xbox just before I had to travel for work. I did a few flights on the night I bought it, but then had to pack and leave.

So, two nights ago I finally got a long enough time to really get to know the Wildcat.

So far, I am very impressed!

I took off from Wake Island with full fuel and two full drop tanks. The plane has good power and took off well. I’m on Xbox, and fly with a controller, so I have the handle interactions set to automatic. Trimming the plane is a bit of a pain, but that has more to do with how the Xbox controller interacts with rotary controls. I need to click on the trim wheel, and then use the right stick to adjust the trim — which is fine, except that if I press too hard the value goes from something like 2 degrees to 21 degrees! It takes a light touch.

I slowly got the hang of making small trim corrections. The Wildcat feels pretty good. Its roll rate is a little slow, but it has a lot of elevator authority. Once rolled, it’s easy to pull pretty tight turns. Loops are pretty easy and so are barrel rolls. Aileron rolls are underwhelming, but that gets back to the somewhat slow roll rate.

I think I’m the guy that the FAQ question in the manual on ground looping was written for. :slight_smile: With some practice, I’m getting a lot better and being on the right numbers and then keeping my stick back and tail down when on the ground. Conversely, landing on the Lexington with the tail hook extended is a breeze.

I’m still getting the hang of catapult launches, but they get me airborne and I really like having that feature.

This is a great plane. Good job, Got Friends!

Edited to add: I got up above 17,000 feet. I really like the way the drop in engine power is modeled along with the action of the blower.


Love the Wildcat a lot! However there are a couple of things that would be amazing if they were addressed, the G effects on the wing don’t look particularly realistic also I can’t seem to find a way to remove the pilot on the ground? This would just be nice for screenshot taking as it is a beautifully modelled aeroplane. (If I’m being really picky, to my eye, the red part of the roundal on the FAA aircraft looks a little big in comparison to the Fighter Collection’s example)

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