[RELEASED] Fenix High-Fidelity A320 Discussion

haha yes very good.
there are a few good flightsim review channels tho, but these are not incluencers.

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Isn’t “dancing for Deutschmarks or Dollars” by Tina Turner?

Hey guys - I’m the lead on the project you’re all talking about.

First off, I’m really happy to see loads of skepticism - rightly so. I hope that, in short order, when we lift the covers, many of you will be pleasantly surprised.

We’ve worked very hard in silence for quite some time - and we are only a few days from showing our project off to the world - whilst I wish I could just drop some screenshots and announce it, the team has worked far too hard at what’s under the skin of this airplane for some screenshots and a quick announcement to do this justice. Just bear with us for a short while whilst we prepare.

In the meantime, to answer some of the questions on here -

No, it does not use (or reuse) any code from the default airplanes. It is fully, and absolutely custom. From the ground up. All of it.

Yes, there are failures. 170 of them at last count.

Yes, we are relative unknowns. We will have to work extremely hard to gain your trust. I hope in due course you can see some of the incredible effort we’ve put in to this airplane - and what a labor of love it has been.



I also dislike them. But for instance with MSFS, for quite a long time, they were the only way to get an impression. A too rosy one I think, in hindsight.

PMDG did it a lot nicer. Just some good instruction videos, one week a bit of promotion and release.


I think I can speak for all of us, I hope, in wishing you and your team the best of luck. This new simulator has breathed new life and excitement into the home simulation industry. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. We’re in for some great times ahead. Even my little brother has recently started simming for the first time since MSFS was released. Flying together online half a country apart has breathed a new life into his and I’s relationship. We are both looking forward to the announcement.


We appreciate the kind words!

I see you want an ATP, some on our dev team are huge ATP fans due to how many quirks the aircraft has (have you heard about the north track bug with that aircraft?) - but I can confirm that it isn’t, in fact an ATP :frowning:


Hi Aamir,
It is a wonderful introduction.
As I said before the mistery is probably wrong from a marketing point of view but I respect artists as artists.
I wish you and your team an enormous success with this project. There are a lot of people using MSFS and there is a big shortage of high quality planes so you have a lot to win here.

Keeping tuned for the news!


Ahh well it was a good guess I figured. Anyways, can’t wait. I’ve never heard of that big before. I know the ATP was over-engineered, and as a result suffered lots of weird technical issues.


I’d definitley be interested in an ATP as well, just in case you are doing some market research for future projects.

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This statement made me really excited. I can’t wait for the surprise.


Want it. Now.

Nahh… take your time, we will patiently wait.

Wow… you guys got my attention! Looking forward to this reveal!

Mettar Simulations a380?

It’s on their Twitter. I’ve seen it too.

Everyone can pick their favorite plane now and hope not to be disappointed.

Sounds more like a 737 on the way!

1 + 1 :grin:

Having YouTubers tease like this is likely a double-edged sword, as it can lead to building unrealistic expectations which often lead to disappointment. People may hope it’s a certain model they want and be disappointed that it isn’t, which doesn’t happen when you simply announce something.

That being said, I’m happy to see more players on the field, and wish you the best for the reveal hoping that it come soon :smiley:


Ah! Would have been a good guess, as most of us have been in and around different dev teams over the years (so you may see some old connections here and there), however, this is a new, blank-slate company and project. No one has heard of us quite yet :slight_smile:


Nice! Can’t wait to see what amazing things FenixSim Ltd. can create for MSFS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I really wonder what it is

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