[RELEASED] Fenix High-Fidelity A320 Discussion

I would much rather pay $70 for a high fidelity/near study level aircraft that makes me work just to start the engines, let alone fly, than $30 for an aircraft that gives a false impression that you are in control of.
Thats not to say I wont buy the $30 aircraft to use when I’m feeling lazy and need to scratch that itch, but for me, the real satisfaction comes when I land that plane successfully that has taken days (if not months) of study.
I also appreciate the amount of work that goes into a high fidelity mod, so $70 (or what ever amount) is worth it for the enjoyment I would get out of it.
Yes, I bought the PMDG 737. I will also buy the Fenix 320 and will get hours of fun and appreciate every little detail. It won’t stop me flying the WT C4J or DA62X either though :stuck_out_tongue:


As well as the outlay for the Fenix itself, I’ll need to shell out for a couple of boxes of paper and plenty ink for the printer, for the manuals I intend to study.
Oh, and folders. And binders. And index cards. And……

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Great answer,thank you very much !
I think some of you arent getting what I meant. I was just curious why people get so enthusiastic and into detail in the sim, as far as I know there is no puppies or other pets simulated in msfs :laughing: I wss just thinking, it wouldnt make much of a difference for the flight experience itself if it was missing. Dont get me wrong, I also love in depth details and systems. Just makes you appreciate developing even more

It makes all the difference in the flight experience knowing that one is in control of a fully simulated airplane with all systems and failures fully simulated.
Instead of just brrrrrrrrrrr´ing around in some simpleton arcade toy that needs no skills and flies so easy and simple that “piloting” merely succumbs to panning around in Google Maps for some city skyline looking, but with simple Ace Combat controls instead of using the mouse cursor.
This does not feel like being the commander of a hyper-complex airliner. The immersion is getting broken when all features the real airplane would have are just not there, and nothing can go wrong and zero skills or diving into the topic needed because nothing is really deep simulated.

A simulator is all about airplanes and systems and realism, and fighting against difficult weathers and thunderstorms, getting involved into realistic aviation circumstances / problems, being correct and precise because every mishandling of the airplane can be fatal, and various failures can happen when doing something wrong or switch something wrong inside the cockpit :slight_smile:


Day one on the job, Aamir hands me a couple of pdf files. 15meg, 10 meg. Ruh roh rhaggy. Good luck was all he said.

I surfaced three days later, having read the same page ten times. That was even before I got to get into the sim.


I mean we’ll do the 500foot thing anyway right?

A true simmer gets 100% familiar with the new ship before going on board the first time :wink:

We sure will… Hopefully however it’s the threshold at KLGA and not some random downtown apartment :slight_smile:

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49.99 pounds!!! ■■■■!!!



I’m so jealous of all you PC users right now!


Don’t be! Although I never owned a console it took me a while to save for a good PC. It is totally worth it :wink:

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It’s blowing my mind that Cyanide is now a legitimate flight sim developer, I can’t wait to fly this thing.

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I just read this entire post and I must say that they have set the bar high. I currently own the Pmdg 737; and i personally am a Boeing guy but i believe Fenix may just take the crown in terms of fidelity if they can pull off the claims in that post. What a fantastic time to be a flight simmer.


Wow, look at those luxury cabin interior and cockpit textures!

I definitely buy it.

Post here for some people lazy to click the link:


Quite surprised at the price. For the quality, I thought it would be much higher.


I’m going to buy it just to support the team behind the product.

This product is incredible and the developer deserves every praise

I am so happy that Fenix 320 is coming real really soon!


Wow. Just wow.

Another first day purchase.


Fenix,take my money


This will be an instant purchase. 180 liveries too!?!


Now reading through all the depths and the surprised 60% price of the Leonardo, this is the first study level I will go