[RELEASED] Fenix High-Fidelity A320 Discussion

Quick update from Aamir, for those not on Discord:


Looking forward to this update whenever it’s ready.

The performance differential between v1.0 and the PMDG 737 series is really quite stark now so hopefully v2.0 can restore parity.


I also hope they’ll improve the flight model because recently AP ILS approaches are no joy anymore. Sometimes it lowers and rises the nose so agressively that I need to take over and recover.

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I’m sure they will. It’s usable, it’s just not where I’m sure they want it. There’ve been an awful lot of changes in the sim since it was last updated so it’s inevitable really.

I hope they take as long as they need and nail the update.

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I have no trouble flying the Fenix, having a great time. Did an ILS approach into Hong Kong yesterday, runway 07L, everything went great until I discovered during approach MSFS doesn’t have 07L. Funny how literally no one seems to have a problem with that or how ugly standard HKG is. But I managed to manually land the Fenix A320 on 07C. Really happy how easy it flies.

And looking forward to the IAE engines ofcourse, can’t wait for those.

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I do hope they will also improve the autoland for Fenix A320. Sometimes it randomly losts the ILS profiles when enters runway threshold: the aircraft would then “dive” and steer to right or left side of runway and crash if you cannot take the control fast enough.

v2.0 can restore parity. I do not understand what parity, because as modeling it will not be?
Because pmdg 737 does not have the EFB, it will not be that the performance falls to the ground, and the wiper the same, well it is my opinion that does not mean that I am right.

Is there a way to map the master caution and master warning buttons to joystick buttons, I’ve tried the various combinations in the control options but nothing seems to work, I have the Thrustmaster airbus sidestick I’m trying to get working.

I only really need it to cancel the altitude warning/cabin pressure alarm noise, if there is another way to silence it other than clicking with the mouse I’m all ears.

Watch from 2:35, it works for me:

hello together. Maybe someone can help me. Since today I can no longer open the Fenix ​​EFB on my tablet. I also tried it with my cell phone. without success. it doesn’t connect to the fenix server. does anyone have the same problem? my tablet wasn’t updated or something

yes,yesterday I could not interact with her, only the copilot was there

Will we see the V2 update released alongside the sim update 12 release on (3/21)?

Will we see the ability to save and restore flight with v2 cc on standby if this happens .

Is Fenix planning to fix the error with the A320 not working when icing features are turned on in MSFS?

I’m not turning functions in MSFS on and off depending on which plane I fly. Fenix should really be pushing updates much more frequently.

Does anyone know if the “COMPANY MSG” function can be deactivated or bypassed? I love the Fenix ​​for the realism, but I can live without the functionality. :laughing:


Although this question arose whilst flying the Fenix A320, it might also be applicable to flying other aircraft, so please forgive me if it is.

During a flight into Manila, aiming for an ILS24 approach, which is a bit of a zig-zag affair, I was told by ATC that i was cleared for the approach, via MIA and that I was cleared to MIA. As I hadn’t previously set MIA as the via for the approach, i then set it and selected to fly DIRect to MIA. This bypassed 2 or 3 other waypoints and ultimately appears to have caused the FMC to think that I had already arrived and cleared the approach and the ILS frequency.

I did land the aircraft manually, but wondered what I might have done wrong?

For example, should I have somehow figured out that MIA was going to be the VIA, before taking off, or should I have not gone direct to MIA, once ATC had told me that I was cleared there and I had entered it alongside the approach?

Haha, you have no idea how realistic receiving unexpected approach clearances in Manila is. Last year I had a month where I flew into MNL 10 times, and I saw 10 completely different things by ATC. Sometimes you just can’t predict what’s going to happen.

As per you scenario, tracking DCT to MIA appears the correct choice, as that complies with ATC’s instructions. The correct way to do this would be to reselect the RWY 24 ILS in the FMC, choosing MIA as the approach transition, then select MIA as the active waypoint.

The big “Gotcha” is MIA is used both as the IAF to start the approach, and as the missed approach holding location, so it will appear multiple times in the legs page. You have to carefully identify which entry is the initial approach fix, and select that as the direct to waypoint.

It would seem you flew direct to MIA, but most likely had selected the last MIA entry in the legs sequence, which is the missed approach hold location, and hence the FMC had nothing else programmed beyond that point.

I generate the flight plan on SimBrief and then import it to Fenix. Now - there have been times, I did not generate new flight plan but hit INIT button, importing older leg. I then spot the mistake, generate the flightplan on SimBrief - now while I can re import on the EFB and MCDU >> ATSU >> FLT INIT, I haven’t found any way to do it in INIT button. Any ideas and pointers will be super helpful

At the moment, I restart the Fenix from app which is a bummer if boarding has been completed/IRS alignment is done etc.

That must have been what I did and many thanks for the concise explanation.

Although it sounds like Manila is a bit of an odd one, your reply has also cleared up how I should be reacting to ATC instructions that provide a VIA. I had been largely doing it right i think, but as you point out, the DIR screen needs to be treated with more care than i have perhaps been giving it. :slight_smile:

ATC does seem to favour the VIA waypoints that sit above the runway, but is there a more accurate way to figure out what via might be used, before the descent/approach phase?

Almost a month since the last information. Will we see an update soon due to sim update 12?

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