[Released] Hondajet for MSFS

This looks like a fantastic project! Really looking forward to it. Small biz jets are my favorite in the Sims so far😊

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Thank you so much for the time and effort it took to create this jet. Very impressive! It looks fantastic, I can’t wait to fly it.

Thanks again. Greatly appreciate it!

This does indeed look very nice from the screenshots. It seems to be of better graphical quality than some payware planes.

Very much looking forward to flying this bird.


I was waiting for this!

Thank you so much, I’ve always wanted to fly the HondaJet in MSFS

Hello again Matti,
Thanks for your feedback and glad you liked the work so far.
In cockpit animations are quite easy to do , will get to it eventually I’m sure.


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thanks for your feedback,
I am writing a custom CAS system for the HJET now.


That sounds awesome! If you release it as freeware don’t forget to set up a donation button.


Very excited for this!


I really hope this makes it to release! Thanks to the developer working on this and spending their own time to make this add-on a reality!

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Wow impressive!

I can’t wait for this looks awesome so much detail. Definitely add a donation button if released as freeware.

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Looking forward to it!

One of my favorite jets, this and the Cirrus. Looking forward for it, and my goodness, the details! Yet the premium Longitude doesn’t even have a cabin SMH!

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This is just what I have been waiting for. Fingers crossed

It looks incredible - well done! I love light jets. If you need any testers, count me in.

If you get that done, I’ll click that “cup of coffee” button for sure!

I do have one question… I see the split-tail speed brake in one shot. On the old Fokker jets that used that, full rudder deflection in either direction would cause that same side speed brake to open to augment the rudder. Do you know of the real plane does this, and if so, can you implement the function in your model (even if it’s just visual)?


Iris just announced this morning on facebook that they have come to an agreement to bring their PC-9 and PC24 to MSFS


That’s AWESOME to hear!

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Looked up the PC-24. YESSIR!

Hello every one and thank you for showing interest in the project.
Now, I hadn’t really previewed the work done so far properly… The images shown in the OP were taken on the fly during debugging, so textures were at half resolution, improper lighting etc.

Allow me to share photos - especially for the exterior- that I feel are more representative of the state the Jet is in… Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress… I have a list of things to improve and I am quite vigilant of some of the shortcomings.

I’ve created a discord server for the project, I would be delighted to see you there and get your feedback…