RELEASED! Just Flight Bae146 "the Little Jumbojet" April 29th

Ive also managed to drum up, and get seven or eight guys who are keen on a HS748… that should be enough to break even… maybe even a wee profit for a box of tea bags :grin::grin::rofl::rofl:

But the F100 will do just fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Cant wait to fly some Brittish Midlands routes

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Please ask a question, TMS voice does not broadcast V1 V2, what is the condition for voice broadcast?

Did you remember the strobes before lining up?

in the last few days the tablet won’t load anymore the flight plan, anyone else with this issue?
(I’m on latest marketplace version)

Ive been also getting that randomly when starting a session, sometimes it will load the flightplan from simbrief and from that, it will give you the option to load fuel and payload, other times.
It will be a endless loading and when you flick between pages, the flight plan will appear but, when it happens, the option of automatically loading the weights and fuel wont work

That could be caused by a mod conflict.

Thanks, Martyn. Looking forward to that FMS.

Sincerely hoping that the aircraft itself will be getting some inspections/tweaks too. A lot has happened Sim-Update-wise since the last Bae146 patch. :slight_smile:

Other than that, still one of the best aircraft to hand-fly in the sim!

A quick update on the 146. The custom UNS-1 FMS has been going through beta testing for a couple of months and we’re currently adding and improving functionality (including independent left and right FMS control). We’re nearing the end of development and will share more news on that soon.

We’ve continued to work on bug fixes and improvements for the visuals and systems, so please make sure to report anything you find to our support team so that we can address those ASAP.

Sincerely hoping that the aircraft itself will be getting some inspections/tweaks too. A lot has happened Sim-Update-wise since the last Bae146 patch.

We’re not aware of any Sim Update specific issues with the 146 so please get in touch to report anything you’ve discovered.

Martyn - Just Flight


Any progress updates you can share on the Avro Jet?

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Also progressing well and we should have a new In Development update within the next week.

Currently working on the LNAV, VNAV and autoland functionality.

Martyn - Just Flight


You might switch on the AC pump. This allows manually steering using the slider or with your rudder pedals.

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Has anybody else experienced an issue with the 146 FMCs not coming on when you have the PMS50 GTN750 installed? I was having issues on the weekend where I couldn’t get the FMS on so tried disabling other add-ons to see if there was a conflict and found that the GTN750 was the cause.
I’m sure it used to work when having both of these installed and haven’t seen anybody else complain about it though so I’m not sure if somehow this is only affecting me?

I have the PMS50 750 installed & the CC2 I just jumped in fired up the FMCs & other nav gear just fine. Is this limited to one model in particular or all of them?

Hmm I have only tried in the -200 (Qantaslink livery). I load in at a stand, cold and dark, and turn on the batteries and avionics switches and everything other than the FMS starts up.
I will try other variants when I get a chance

Just tested and it seems to happen regardless of the 146 variant. Not sure why I would be the only one having this issue though? :thinking:
Is there anything I could do to track down that particular issue?

Try with an empty community folder, with only the 146 in it, using a base livery.
These type of issues are normally caused by a mod conflict.

I have tried removing mods and specifically found that it is a conflict with the PMS 750 mod but other people seem to be able to have both of these installed without a problem

Other then checking if the PMS50 is the newest version I have no idea what could be the issue.

I agree as to ensuring you are updated to the latest versions of each.
The only thing else you might try is going to Just Flight’s forum:

Definitely both are up to date. I will try posting on the JF forums as well

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