[RELEASED] Lake Skipper | Freeware | Got Friends

Talking about friends, my buddy Mojave has made an AWESOME location for the Skippers to play at!

Give this a go and see what you think… it’s pretty thrilling to take her around these tracks as fast as you can!

I will be making it an event in my Wilga Bush Race Series soon (sorry Xboxers) so let’s all get some practice in haha!

There is a land runway [O24] and lots of various water starting points [O24B] for the different courses contained in the mod pack and he’s developing more areas soon if anyone has any ideas for it :wink:



No, no I’m not a member of the team.
How could I when he needs a few minutes to code what takes me hours (when I can) ?
I only asked Jonx to help me for a simple install of my mod.
He not only did that but also added his ideas.

Yeah I know :wink:
But you still managed to make a lot more than 99.999% of people :wink:

I’m installing it now to try! :slight_smile:

Yes Sir, the name is highly appropriate!

This is MASSIVE fun - very well done! :slight_smile:

Picking my path carefully here:




Can I get to that peak?!


And skiing down the other side, using the air brakes!

It also handles really well on the Mono Lake race tracks… let’s you get higher up without losing precision :slight_smile:


I’ve tried the Mountain Skipper - it’s a really cool modification. I found it would crash on spawning in on a hard runway but takes off from a grass runway just fine.


I have had the original Skipper flying in the mountains of Scotland and most of the fun is making that work within the limits imposed by having to fly as much as possible in ground effect.

So what I’d really like to see - well, this is ungrateful of me, isn’t it - is a third version which has the airbrake and the ability to take off and land on grass, but retains the ground effect limitation.

The Land Hugger ?
Sounds good to me.


Land Hugger indeed. I’ve just hugged the land (literally, that’s how I did it) in the original Skipper all the way up to the summit of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland, and indeed Britain for that matter.

Not trying the Matterhorn, though. I mean, you can walk up Ben Nevis, if you want to. The Matterhorn, not so much.

It’s hard to criticize fun planes like the Lake and Mountain Skippers, especially at the sweet price of FREE, but…

I do wish the Lake variant had more uphill power when in ground effect. Despite its ability to climb, it loses a lot of oomph going up just a hundred feet (while still hugging the ground), meaning specially designed race and obstacle courses need to be nearly flat or downhill.

The other issue is collisions. The Lake Skipper hits its bottom on objects that other planes don’t hit. I am clearing obstacles by a good 10 feet but the Skipper still registers a hit and sprays water (even if the obstacle is a rock or race course hoop). It’s demonstrable.

And can we get lights? Flood lights so we can do night flying low to the ground. And maybe a torch so other pilots can follow us. Those are wish list items, not a complaint. :grin:

I’ve put over 20 hours in the Lake Skipper since its release! :heart_eyes: