[RELEASED] Mini-500 | Got Friends

Bit of a late reply, but the Orbx Helipads released on Xbox today.

I’ve got Inibuilds’ Hooper Heliport. It seems like Orbx has one in the Police Pack.

Would you say it’s worth it to delete the Ini version?

Ok this is great! Cant wait to update mine! But I am on xbox.
Has anybody updated yet on PC?

For some reason the game wont start when choosing the mini 500 now, I am on cloud, but might not have anything to do with the chopper.

yes,updated here,work great :+1:

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Yes, I also had the inibuilds hooper heliport and removed it since it would conflict and the orbx one is more extensive. There were a few things done better in the nearby roads and union station in the inibuilds one but overall the orbx one is better so I removed the inibuilds one.

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