[Released on PC and Xbox] DC Designs Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde

I have never noticed this problem

No such issue here or reported elsewhere, as far as I know.

Decided to give this plane another chance. searched the chat and didnt find a definitive simbrief profile.
Anyone could point me the direction of one?


foudn this reply on the navigraph from the simbrief profiler

"It’s unclear if Concorde will be added at this point; Planning a Concorde flight is very different from planning a “normal” flight. The system would need to be redesigned in several areas to accommodate this, with new calculation methods and new considerations.

If it does get added in the future, it will be more of a long term project."

so just looking the best way to plan a flight on it.

Apart from using existing Concorde flight plans, like available here: Concorde Original Flight Plans » Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can use flight plan generators for standard commercial airliners and use cruise altitude of 26000-28000 ft for subsonic phases and 50000-60000 ft for the supersonic phase, the latter of which should only be over unpopulated areas if you want to be realistic. As a rough rule of thumb for fuel, I use 20 tonne reserve plus 20 tonnes per hour flight time, regardless of whether sub or super sonic.


Not sure if this is useful to compliment the advice already given above Msfs DC Design Concorde chat

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Hello! I am reporting one bug:
During take off at OMDB Dubaï, with 78 266 Kg (51,9% CG) of fuel, the Concorde won’t take off with a stuck speed at 205 kts. (Cause a plane crash due to over pass the runway)

I try a lot of times to understand how it could happen, but reduce the fuel from 78 266 Kg to 74 000 Kg “unstuck” the plane speed. It stay VERY slowly but take off are possible. (At OMDB)

But take off from Doha OTHH with 78 266 Kg (51,9% CG) of fuel, and that time the Concorde take off at the right speed and do not stay stuck at 205 Kts.

Doha and Dubaï have long range runway, with the same altitude.

It already happen in the past, at KJFK but do not had it anymore until today.

PS: i am using the Concorde with SU9.

I think you’re getting the Trim bug aka “stuck to runway” bug. If you delay power up the trim can get set do a very extreme “down” position making it impossible to take off. Make sure you power the aircraft on as soon as you load into the flightsimulator.

Alternatively, you can start already on the runway and this problem will not occur.

And i was spawning on the runway. It occur only in Dubai, not in another airport :frowning:

Very hard to be sure, it does sound like the MSFS “stuck to the runway” bug that seems to occur at certain locations. There could be one other factor and that’s air temperature - Dubai is very hot, and if the temps were too high the air would be too warm for Concorde to lift off ( at certain times of the day ).

Interestingly, the only time I ever had this same bug I was also in Dubai. I restarted the flight on the runway and was able to take off though.

I had this issue in Faro, I was at 200 kts, and could still not take off.

As it was the same in Doha, same time and temp but i could take off.

I am again stuck (right now) on another airport, Mexico MMMX 7400 ft. I already fly several time at this airport , my last flight was with 58 000 kg of fuel. But today with 54 000 kg of fuel i am still stuck as i was in Dubai. It is only possible to “take off” of Mexico only with full trim up. So i just make a loop and crash.

It is really looking like aleatory, some airport work fine, but after seem to become stuck.

Really not my day ahah

How could you reach 300 kts at Faro? :sweat_smile:

Sorry, that was a typo. I meant 200 knots LOL.

You are right, that would be impossible.

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Just returned to Concorde after a few months away. Using the latest version, all seems ok except that I cannot move the nose/visor - although the switch appears to be “live”, I cannot move it nor does nose/visor react. All ok previously with this version so is this a problem with an MSFS update.
Grateful for advicr

I’m not aware of this being a bug right now, no other reports of it, but will be working on Concorde once SU10 rolls out so if it needs fixing it will be done :+1:


Thanks Dean - I’ve sorted it - in a way. Normally I put the curser on the knob, left click/hold and smoothly move the knob to the new position. Now when I left click/hold I have to drag the curser as fast as possible to the new position - jerk it really - then the knob moves. Reckon it’s the impact of one of the recent MSFS updates on my system (I checked with empty Com Folder and earlier versions of the Concorde) so I’ll see what it’s like with SU10 ……

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The ground call and cabin call switches are black circular buttons in the real aircraft.

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2.04 seems a bit fast for 48,000ft, I would expect about M2.01 at 49,000ft (corner point) then a swap over from max climb to max cruise it slowly drifts upwards (or down) depending on the weather you have and fuel load burning off. Assuming you have it, you’d change the engine rating also (which is to protect against what happened when they had the Shah of Iran onboard).

What ISA did you have to get 60,000ft? Were you around the equator or the Middle East? in another sim it was a bit of a challenge, you’d keep a tally of how many times you got FL600 because it wasn’t all that often. :wink:

I’m a bit of an old Concorde devotee and still know my way around the old Delco INS. :wink: So I’m keeping a watch here.

Also little “blip” sounds as a warning when you are getting close to the maximum indicated airspeed (say you are hand flying the climb and are approaching the barber post). They are like a short separated elements of the warble (the overspeed indication).

MWS warnings can be silenced - there is a button for shutting up the gong - aka that infernal bing-bing-bing. :wink:

Well done for getting a Concorde into FS2020.

Looking at the screenshot, 51,000ft seems fine for M2.0,but look at the outside temp, that’s fairly warm. Also look at the IAS too, that’s pretty high.

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