[Released on PC and Xbox] DC Designs Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde

From the Facebook wall of August 25:

"This brings me to what will probably be by far the biggest update of all: Concorde. I will be starting work on this within a week or so. The list of tasks is enormous so I won’t share it here, but highlights include; Miltech Solutions, who will be re-texturing the entire cockpit after I’ve completed the modelling; entirely re-working the exterior UV maps for more detail; extra detailing inside and out, using extensive photographic material obtained with the kind help of the Brooklands Museum team; new special effects, including wingtip vortexes at landing and revised wing vapour clouds; the CIVA INS for those who wish to use it, and a lot more. ( The UV updates will mean that add-on liveries, of which I know there are many, will no longer be correct. A pain for artists I know, including myself as my own stock liveries will need re-doing, but the aircraft will look far better for it. )


Sounds fantastic, looking forward to this one!


Hi, is this plane still worth to get in late 2023? I’m on XSX btw.

I can’t answer that because value is in the mind of the purchaser. I can give you an overview.

DC Designs Concorde is a medium systems fidelity and medium graphics quality add-on. It is very accessible with the sim checklist fully supported and sufficiently complete that you can just follow it to get from A to B.

There’s sufficient complexity flying it to make it interesting, and sometimes a challenge, especially the complex fuel transfer system is well modelled. The INS NAV system is missing, instead you get the Asobo A320 Thales unit, but that does make it a lot easier to fly single handed. Remember the real plane had a flight engineer and isn’t really something you can solo if it was study level.

The medium systems and visuals are a bonus for the xbox as it uses less RAM/VRAM than other airliners and in my experience CTD have been infrequent compared to even smaller planes that have glass cockpits.

It’s also important to note that the price is cheap for a reasonable quality airliner. If it was study level then it would be double the cost.

Really the question is do you want to fly Concorde? If you do then it’s an obvious purchase and there is no competition.

There’s no other airliner that cruises over 50,000ft, does long haul flights in the time of a short haul flight without using simrate, and the only one that you can watch the sun unset from the west, which is a fabulous sight. Being a sim you can fly routes that were never allowed IRL, one of my favourites is Sydney to Perth.

DC Designs have stated that they are going to upgrade the systems with INS and also improve the visuals, expected in the next few months (I believe work is under way), so if there’s a sale then there’s never been a better time to pick this up.


Thank you for the reply. I was worried about the plane being bugged after many SUs and infrequent updates. If this plane behaves as expected when following the procedures, it’s good enough for me.

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I haven’t flown this myself recently, not because I don’t want to but just because there’s limited time and other flying priorities right now.

Historically DC Designs have been excellent at rapidly resolving breakage from sim updates and I’m sure if it had broken recently then somebody would have said so by now. As per the post a few up they are still actively improving Concorde so I’m sure they’ll keep on top of compatibility.

Latest update…

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Well, to be honest, this discord reply is just a nice example of todays blabla. One is asking for an update, one of the devs respons with a sentence of absolutely null/zero content saying nothing and yet he gets the answer “nice to hear”, because he added a marketing speech at the end of his statement.

I mean: “it is well worth the wait”… seriously? What else should he write? “we will disappoint you with what we did the last months”, or “you are not going to like what you see”? Come on…

Seriously the devs can’t win. If they give lots of detail and approximate timelines (not deadlines) like Fenix did then if anything changes they get harassed (even direct personal threats) online. If they say nothing then people write posts saying it’s abandoned and the devs are bad.

DCD said in a post 3 months ago what they are going to do (scroll up just a little) they have confirmed they are working on this right now and didn’t give a deadline because this is software development and frankly nobody has a clue how long it will take. What they’ve done is good enough for me, or people can just whinge for the sake of it.


That is the problem, that if we announce updates, you stop enjoying what you have. We are not correcting bugs, but making changes, implementing improvements or simply making additions that give more added value to the product. But as has been said, things take time, days last 24 hours, we are not a team of 100 people (4 at most, 2 permanent people).

Maybe our mistake is announcing our intentions to improve our products and we should stop doing this, simply update the products and let you receive them by surprise. That would alleviate your frustration of waiting, and that would relieve pressure on us since we would work comfortably and release the most polished updates when they are truly polished (I’m not blaming you for this, please don’t let anyone understand it that way). You have a functional airplane, and everything that comes after is improvements, but it takes time.

What I can tell you is that we are the only ones who can decide if a product is finished or abandoned, since that is why we are the developers, and I think we have never said that something is finished or abandoned, but it is totally functional.


FWIW I really like having something to look forward to and find basic information on what is coming helpful. I think it’s clear that the majority of people agree, I see my post has many likes but the complaining post has none, so I hope the few don’t spoil it for the many.

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I chose to buy the aircraft, and here is my evaluation after spending the entire weekend flying it exclusively:

It’s a mid-level simulation, similar to Inibuilds’ AN-225, although the graphics are indeed dated. I managed to reach 60,000 feet at Mach 2.04 on the first attempt, despite the startup sequence according to the embedded checklist and DC Designs’ manual having some items out of order. I had to confirm the correct sequence by watching some tutorials.

The fuel balancing part, once you learn which switches to press, is surprisingly simple and quick. There are many functional switches, but not all have an observable impact on the aircraft’s performance. The manual is unnecessarily complex, given that it’s not a study-level aircraft. A more concise manual containing only what works would be more interesting.

In summary, the aircraft delivers on its promises and is enjoyable. It’s not broken as some comments might suggest; just dedicate some time to watch a couple of tutorials, and you’re ready to fly.


Great summary! I haven’t flown her in awhile, but making the sun rise while you watch the curvature of the Earth roll by was worth the money for me. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it’s a good balance of complexity and accessibility when there’s no auto flight engineer.

I’m happy with it, and I’m thrilled that it’s still being actively worked on. Some developers could learn from that.


I just wish the textures were better. It’s one of the lower resolution cockpit. Washed out and blockie


As Dean and Jack have both said, a major update is in the pipeline. If other recent product updates are anything to go by the Concorde will be bought bang up to date in both textures and functionality.
As for the manual, DCD is leaning more towards using interactive check lists as many console users dont have access to a manual at point of sale (marketplace)


This is a common denominator in all DC designs add-ons, graphics and textures are very poor, from another sim era.
I hope they change gears and start to produce better graphics.


Yeah I don’t see that happening. They have followed the same path since their first release. They have said in the past that they don’t plan to update or go to a higher texture work flow . They say that they produce their add ons to be compatible with most of the systems and obviously Xbox. That’s great but there are other developers that produce add ons for FS2020 on Xbox and pc that perform and look great for the same price point.

I don’t know if it’s a work flow thing so that they can produce more add ons per year. Volume over quality? Overall their add ons are entertaining. It would just be cool to see some texture quality that is at least on par with the default FS2020 aircraft. For the price they charge per aircraft I would expect the overall look to be at a higher level. Regardless, as of right now no other developer Is making the aircraft they do at a higher level of realism/visual quality. So until someone does I guess they will keep doing what they have been doing.


The plane looks better than any prior sim Concorde version, especially with MSFS’s max ambient occlusion imo. So the visuals can only get better, which I’m already happy with.


i wait weather radar screen detaching possibility

I’m not sure where you heard this, but it’s not correct. All of our aircraft are routinely updated, and Concorde is no different. However, my updates have been delayed by several months due to factors outside of flight sim, slowing me down somewhat.

Concorde is receiving a BIG update this year ( work to start soon now ) and that will include the CIVA INS addition as well as texture enhancements throughout. All of my other aircraft are due to receive the same. It’s likely that I will release very few new aircraft in 2024, as I’d like to just focus on the upgrades instead.