[RELEASED] Rara-Avis Sims Zippy Sport

Awesome, you’re the best! :smile:

So far it’s too early to give a solid impression of your Zippy, but the flight model feels marvellous! I’d go so far as to say it’s giving me Tiger Moth vibes. Anyone who knows how much I love the Tiger Moth will understand how thorougly I’m enjoying this little, ugly, zippy box of a plane!

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If you love the Zippy, don’t miss the Flying Flea. It’s amazing how much fun stuff there is to explore in that add-on.

I’m not big into rotorcraft, but at this point, I’d buy a flying shoebox if it was developed by RareAvis Sims, because I know it’ll be a fun and interesting package.


More Zipping around in the Zippy. I love this little plane so much! It ticks a lot of boxes for me… I do think it’s gonna make my Top 10 update next month but there are a lot of planes fighting for those slots :boxing_glove:

This is checking out Port Moresby - beautiful place with some cool POI’s actually. My landing… 6/10 or less?

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And some more Zip Action - scaring the tourists in Venice :stuck_out_tongue:

I am really getting to grips with the plane now - feels just like an extension to the body now I have tuned into the handling.

Also… I am amazed at the performance I am getting here now that I turned LOD down a touch. With video recording in background it still didn’t miss a beat from 116fps :smiley: It’s breath-taking! I love Venice – so much detail. I just wish they would have hand modelled Rialto Bridge instead of that monstrosity :slight_smile:

Not the prettiest PG up close but at this speed it wasn’t noticeable (much) hahah and my focus was elsewhere in doing some of these stunts anyway.

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I might have hit upon a new series to make videos around, and this is the perfect aircraft for it.

Extreme Sightseeing :slight_smile:

This is Paris…

New version coming soon !

What’s new.

Custom sounds
Startup smoke
Correct magnetic compass reading
Two new liveries
New pilot seat
Tweaked flight model
All new textures with baked AO maps (old liveries not compatible)
New propeller blur
New Ukulele in rear with custom sounds
New door animation with conditions


Ukulelelol :rofl:
Great to see you still improving this wonderful machine though! :+1:


Unexpectedly great news!


Awesome!!! Thanks for updating this.

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Now flying the Zippy for the first time since the update: it rocks! Still flies beautifully (if not more so!), looks better, and all of that without the compass nagging me anymore. Greatly enjoying this plane again! Thank you so much @RaraAvisSims !


Yet another pleasant flight in the Zippy today. It’s such a cute little plane! A question to @RaraAvisSims , is there a manual for this plane? I got it in the marketplace and couldn’t find anything. But since the other planes I got from you do include a manual I wonder if there should be one for the Zippy?

(Not that the plane is particularly difficult to operate, just curious to learn more about the plane really.)

@RaraAvisSims Just curious… I, too, am thoroughly enjoying the Zippy but purchased it on Flightsim.to and haven’t seen the update. Do you have plans on posting the update over there soon? Thanks!

Yes, Its available here → RAS Zippy Sport.pdf - Google Drive

Its doesn’t contain up to date images but the basics are there.

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I’ve had problems logging in to the vendor portal at flightsim.to but the new version should be up soon.

Thanks a lot Craig! Will give it a thorough read-through.

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Awesome! Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it!

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Its now live on FS.to