[Released] SF50 Vision Jet G2

With it being included in 2024 I wonder if the parking brake will be fixed?

There is some limitation now with the touch point.

So easy to just get up and go in this thing if you’re short on time :heart_eyes: I want one. Like a real one.


They are a lot bigger in real life than they feel in the sim. Not sure why that is.

The overall impression you get standing next to one is its about 50% bigger than a 172/Warrior/Comanche .

Maybe in VR the size feels right? I know the A320 doesn’t feel very big on the screen but does it you stand under one. :grin:

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I was pleasantly surprised how big the Vision jet feels in VR

Only one way to find out my man! About time you jumped into the VR pond, isn’t it?

(I know I keep accidentally hassling you about this! Sorry!)

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Haha I was always told the best things come to those who wait…

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Virtually, compared to the TBM, it looks tiny from the outside for some reason. Inside seems “normal”. No idea what the comparison would be in real life

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I fly a Vision Jet IRL. It feels a tiny bit smaller than a TBM on the outside. The inside is quite roomy, especially if you remove some of the seats.


Lucky you! And do you enjoy flying the pretend one in the sim?

Yep! I’ve got tutorials and stuff on flying the Jet on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/riscfuture