Released too soon

I know I’m not the first to say this, but as an alpha and beta tester I am really disappointed that fs was released in this state. Or at least it should be advertised as early access. I am dissapointed because this is such an amazing simulation with huge potential and it saddens me to see such bad user reviews. Many say that these are release day issues. Whilst that is true for a few of the problems this is absolutely not the case for the vast majority of major bugs. I think if we had another 2-3 months of testing it would have been in a better state. This was an opportunity to expand the user base of flight simulation in general, and whilst I think this is still the case, I think a lot of people have walked away from fs after a day because of fundamental problems. Basic problems. Anyway, as I did in the alpha and beta, I will continue to send bug reports etc.


With the backlog being fairly lengthy (I’d imagine) it makes sense to get the whole community into the platform to prioritise must have’s vs should have’s. majority of products now days are released with bugs.
Take into account no previous simulator has been near perfect on day one. They’ve explained you change something there’s a risk other things break. It’s a mammoth task. If you wanted a near perfect sim another 3/4 months testing would make no difference. You’re looking at another few years! And even then you have the same set of eyes testing. You need a wider group.


Such a nice, polite response to an issue which is now soooooooo repetitive. Many did not want it released now. Many did. Many are hating it. Many are loving it. Many are having major problems. Many are not.

We get it!!!

Its out now. Cannot change that. Lets get on with it. Why have yet another such debate. There have been so many already.

Well, I am venting. I guess I need to let others vent as well. So maybe I will just shut up.



Whilst I agree with the majority that it’s very disappointing to see such an unfinished product thrown onto the market in such a state, I’ll also acknowledge that I was always going to jump in on the first day but I will also point out that the platform is largely going to sit on the back burner for a while until the third party content really starts to take off.

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Of course we do not know, why suddenly there was this rush to release it.

I myself like to think that maybe the project was slowly running short of budget and they needed the money to stay at it. For me that’s not a big deal as they are promising to keep working on it.

I’m really looking forward to improved water maskings all over the world and the first helicopter to land on carribean sandbanks! :star_struck:

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The product is finished, unfortunately, there are always bugs on games release. (Many different platform, hardware, windows version, software causing this)

Perfect game doesn’t exist, you can take 3 add. months, will be the same.


Appreciate your feedback. And I agree with your sentiments and that of the previous response @MovableMouse31 . I do feel though that additional testing would have been beneficial. Especially getting access to the full product. It would also have been good to have the opportunity to test installation using different platforms too. Have a nice day @FrankPilot1530 and @MovableMouse31 thanks again for your feedback.

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Is all done on purpose,we are beta testers,is not possible to create a whole world, the simpliest way is to release and let the people to test it,a great era ahead of us,make new friendship during solving problems,etc,we will get over it is it “just a simulator” and we are all grow now :)) great news is i played it about 10 hours and it never crash,seems as a solid piece of software…looking forward for new updates ,ASOBO if I am betatester please fix firstly folowing:

  1. Time acceleration, I now it works but it does not show how much you accelerate,
  2. Please fix the autopilot, especily VNAV is not working…
  3. The some knobs are hardly visible, they are black on black background…
  4. Release a simple manual for operating the aircraft, you have it anyway in your programing schemes.
    Thank you
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These kind of posts are becoming counterintuitive now. Yes, there are issues, and they will be addressed. I’ve submitted my bug reports and have moved on. This is how progress is made. I wonder if even half of the posters like this have taken the effort to submit a detailed bug report via Zendesk.


Yes, I have submitted countless detailed bug reports.

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Great. You’ve done your part, but this whole “jump on the bandwagon of negativity” thing is getting old now. But, I presume the process will restart once they have fixed the issues at hand, new ones crop up and more posts explode demanding fixes. It’s really not the way to go about this IMO. Yes I am the consumer and they are the provider of a service I paid $120 for. That doesn’t entitle me to bash Ms and Asobo and jump on a train of chaotic discourse leading nowhere.


the biggest desapointment for me was Premium Deluxe edition. 787? Ahh here it is, just 15FPS and 40% load of GPU. World isn’t finished yet, flight school as well…too early for release.

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The piece that’s exceptionally disappointing is that the installer is completely flawed and buggy. It’s been two days and I still can’t install because of the content manager. Its mind boggling to me that so little effort was put in to something as simple as making sure that files could be downloaded and uncompressed. What. A. Joke.

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I started to have an issue with the download and install but I closed out, turned off my firewall in my virus software, and restarted and then the download and install ran flawlessly.

Yup, tried that. No dice.

I’ve got to agree with you here. I felt like they could have waited a little bit longer and gotten a lot of these bugs fixed. Technically the sim works, but just one more month and they could have worked on a lot of issues that really hurt the experience. Chances are they had to release because of the market or Microsoft, but once again, I think the sim could have been much nicer if they took it 1 month slower.


IMHO…Microsoft Marketing Gurus see the increasing market in the Flight Simulation hobby. MS Honchos think they should revive MSFS after the disastrous idea to close Aces and sell to Dovetail. MS Finance Execs create a RFP (request for proposal) to gauge interest from independent game making studios in re-creating a new and improved MSFS. Asobo Studios (among other studios) creates a response to the MS RFP (at the lowest price?) and a contract is awarded from MS to Asobo stipulating milestone payments to Asobo based on performance…(Discovery Series not only created excitement among us, but also was demonstrating feature development to MS to get their milestone payments)

Then, as per the contract, Asobo was required to release MSFS by a certain date…I think Asobo failed to release a fully complete product but managed to satisfy MS contractual agreement by releasing a functional product…which, for the most part, it is.

But, for the serious Flight Simmers that want an immersive IFR experience with functioning FMC and the ability to fly RNAV approaches, the product isn’t quite there yet. Those who want to flick switches and spin knobs in the 787 (for example) are disappointed.

MSFS has great eye candy for VFR flight but it isn’t meeting the deep technical aspects of aviating in simulated instrument conditions nor does it offer a fully immersive experience…yet. (updates, please!)

For VFR pleasure flying and messing around, MSFS is OK (it took forever to configure my controls for non-twitchy flight)

But, for IFR practice, procedures and working with advanced aircraft with functioning systems, I personally prefer X-Plane 11.50.

I trust Asobo and their amazing engineers will continue to improve MSFS and provide updates…I’m just wondering if they needed just…a little…more…time.

I promise to be patient.

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This title has been used about 100 times already :stuck_out_tongue: I agree it was released too soon but i’d WAYYY rather have it out now so I can play it vs waiting another 6 months + and we can work together as a community to make it better. :slight_smile:


I think that the release was not to early as long as Microsoft continues with frequent updates and listening to bug reports, all is fine.
I enjoy flying with msfs2020.