[RELEASED][V 1.1] Black Square TBM 850

Just one good one but it will be nice to have a choice. Competition is good.

Yes, very hopeful for this one too.

Not the avionics system but the airplane they are in.


I respect your opinion and hope you get what you want, but I love the fact that this aircraft doesn’t have a G1000/G3000 like the majority of default planes.

Edit: isn’t the Kodiaks study level?

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Where are you getting that from?

Now I’m confused, there is a Simworks 850/910/960 and a Black Square 850. I’m not sure why the overlap. I’m definitely going to get the Black Square 850 after seeing the Bonanza A36 Turbo.

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I didn’t say the 850 should be made with a G3000 :sweat_smile: I think they can be found with various avionics configs.

The Kodiak kind of is but it’s not an airplane I enjoy that much as a go to and it’s not quite up to the level of other more recent releases, like the A2A Comanche 250.

Looking forward to it. The more realistic an aircraft is in the sim, the better chance it has of being in my hanger. I rarely even fly anything outside of the fenix a320, kodiak 100, vision jet, and a couple others. Im looking forward to this next year and many of the anticipated aircraft releases.

Thats highly detailed!

Ah I see now. You were confusing this with SWS plans. Like I said earlier. How many TBM’s does anyone need. I think the buying pattern on all these will mostly be choosing one or perhaps 2 models and getting just them which reduces the potential sales for each one of those announced. Sure some will get the lot but I suspect most will not. For this reason alone I find the announcement of all these models and even some dev overlap with the 850 somewhat strange from the devs perspective. It’s certainly choice for the users.

Ah, well if that is the standard you are looking for I think you have to wait for A2A to make an aircraft with a G1000\3000 :wink: They are the creme de la creme.

If there is a choice between Black Square and SWS for the TBM 850, Black Square is the clear winner.

That said, I’m don’t hate glass panels and actually love the g3000. The default TBM 930 might just be enough for me, I’m not sure I need to shell out for this one. Now the Royal Duke on the other hand…

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Me too. And I’d love to use it. Also it would be awesome if asobo finally came around to making touch elements touch compatible too… It would be so awesome to use a gun 750 or a g3000 with actual touch screens.

I believe the TDS GTN750 does work on touch screens if you pop it out.

Yeah but it will lock up your controls even if it does. There are workarounds like MSFS Popout Panel Manager but it only works soso by shifting window focus around. I’d just wish msfs did this naturally. P3D and X-Plane both don’t have any problems in that regard whatsoever. Also keeps me from buying great planes like the sting and the like… Here is to hoping they get it for 2024 st least.

On XBX too?

You must of been unlucky or have some incompatibility. I’m regularly using touch on popped out units with no locking up whatsoever. Not just me but others too. The new POPM is superb.

Official TBM 850 POH direct link: https://www.tbm.aero/medias_front/documents/142037PIM-850-From-SN-434.pdf
Excellent reading time while we wait… :wink:

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Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m looking for. If Black Square comes out with an amazing TBM 850 and the Simworks 960 falls short I probably won’t want to use it.

So far I don’t think any black square planes have made it to Xbox. Correct me if I’m wrong.