[RELEASED][V 1.1] Black Square TBM 850

Anyone has a SPAD profile for the TBM and the Bravo Quadrant?
If not then a SPAD script to correctly configure the flaps lever would suffice, including the 850 mode of course.


Look for my 850 profile on Spad…Profile #9712

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Perhaps the Just Flight forum.

I think there is a section there for comments on the TBM 850. You will have to sign up to the forum to post bugs etc.

And no ILS-autoland too :frowning:
Such an awesome plane but with clearly not enough automation in the cockpit. I am used to carefully pre-plan a full route and destination airport with ILS and fully let the autopilot fly and land.
This is really a plane for true adventurers who don´t hesitate to fly by hand!
Need to get used to that after so much Airbussing…

This feature-rich plane is as sophisticated as the Fenix Airbus for the GA sector, but these TBM planes in real-life all have a return-home button in real and an autopilot that is fully capable of making an autoland.
Is there a chance we will get this simulated in the next TBM upate? :slight_smile:

Ehm I am not very good at hand-flying these nimble small GA airplanes and the more autopilot features the better.

Afaik only the 940 and newer have the home safe feature. And only the 960 has an autothrottle.


I don’t see profile 9712 published for the Bravo Quadrand, the highest Id I see on spad online snippets for the Bravo is 9678.

That‘s a matter of training. Sim flying is much more difficult to get a „feel“ for than real flying, real flying is more difficult to do savely. If you have good (enough) hardware and at least some introduction to understand the basics you can get better quickly. It‘s like playing the guitar: I‘ve never practised it so I can‘t play it.

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Does this plane have persistent wear n tear modeled? I know of the engine status page on the radar, however after a couple weeks of flying my engine is still at 100% and while I do take care to run it properly, surely some life should’ve ticked away by now no?

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Speaks for your eng mgmt skills. Mine’s been sitting at 99%. 12 hrs on the hobbs meter so far.

Thanks for the tip.
Just opened a ticket on their forum, will see what kind of feedback I get.

Got over 140 hrs on the Hobbs no depreciation of the engines.

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try Author = meh1951

With your username I could only find a snippet for the condition lever. Not for the flaps.
Thanks for the help!

Are you trying the whole device or just a snippet?

If you highlight Online Profile and search for my ID you’ll find the whole thing.

I love me some wooden (oak in the photos) panels. Finally someone made some for the 850.

For those interested: TBM 850 Panel Mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

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This looks very weird, i like it ! :grin:

I tend to look for them (realistic or not) for pretty much every GA i fly :slight_smile:

Could we get some volume control on the NAV radios? Please!

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The Black Square fleet gave me the enthusiasm for flight simming and graphics design / modding back (the daily firing up the sim kinda got lost during the now almost one year wait for the Fenix IAE version :smiley: I am not so the patient type and headed over to in some casual gaming and classic eighties series…)
Thank you very much Black Square! :gift_heart:

Come on come on Black Square, please give us an openable bonnet for the awesome 300PS Continental IO-550 engine 3D model in the Baron and the 270 PS version in the Bonanza too! :smiley:
Being able to really check the engine should be a new flight sim standard. So far only the FlySimware Chancellor and the Black Square TBM 850 has this feature.

And yes the warning sounds and the radios are way too silent. I almost cannot hear the morse code of Navaids, or the alarm when pressing the alarm test button next to the overhead loudspeaker. A little bit of sound tweaking would be nice.


All the sounds to me are too low. I see a bunch of YouTube videos where the turbine sounds during start up are loud and clear even with the door closed, yet to me (VR at least) I barely notice them. All I hear is what sounds like a big fan running. I am not impressed by any of the sounds on this BlackSquare plane. But the rest is fantastic!

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