[RELEASED][V 1.1] Black Square TBM 850

I find the warnings are off as well. The warning messages during the checklist test, are clear and loud, but are weak in actual use. Specially the “500 ft” warning.

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I couldn’t agree more.

Great AC except the sounds.

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I guess that makes it not a great aircraft then. Sounds have to be right for that. Flight Model, Sounds and Systems are the 3 most important aspects of any sim aircraft IMHO. If one of them is not right then it seriously detracts from the experience and any rating it should receive.

I believe this is a consequence of small devs which most are having limitations in areas of which they excel. BS is clearly very good at systems modelling, others lack in this area but have nice looking models etc etc. It seems not many are strong in the sound department so perhaps getting outside help is the answer in these situations. It can be done really well. The C414 and Comanche are a couple that spring to mind. But it can also be quite bad aka the Twin Otter. Where would you say this one sits? It’s surely not as bad as the Twotter.

Yes, all good points here and none I disagree with.

That said, I have to say that the FSR 500 is a good overall package and shows that very small teams of devs can actually succeed in all areas with enough drive, determination and enthusiasm.

With regard to sounds though the C414, for me, has the best in the sim. Maybe there are some AC which are better in this area but I have yet to come across them.

So where does the TBM 850 come compared with the rest? I can’t compare with the Twotter because (thankfully) I never bought it. If I were to go out on a limb though I would say the sounds are just a step above most of the Asobo default sounds. A bit better but not that much I think. I have all the other BS AC too (with the exception of the Caravan) and imo those also fall down in the sound department.

From memory the dev of the C414 outsourced the sound package. From what I gather it wasn’t cheap but it was I think a great move and maybe helped sell quite a few extra copies. Maybe BS could overcome their own limitations in this area by considering a similar approach?


By realistic sounds do we mean as if your sitting in the cabin without a noise cancelling headset ? If so that would be very draining and annoying eventually.

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Maybe realistic sound regardless of where your sitting or what your wearing. If your in external view for instance or when the door is open… Noise canceling headset click point would be a nice feature too… the way the A2A Comanche does it.


Anyone else experiencing issues with getting the AIRFRAME DEICE lights to cycle?

It started out that only one of the two lights would flash. Then after a few days, they stopped working altogether.

Checked the faults menus in the Weather Radar but didn’t see anything that showed a problem, so not sure what the issue is.

Would be nice if Boris teams up with Blacksquare for future releases.


Yes, same here

What exactly are the issues with the sound? I think the 850 sounds excellent.

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I have no problems with the sound either. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yep noticed that in my video.
The sub 500 ft warning/callout is weak and just fades away and stops counting during final/touchdown.

I took the 850 for partially harrowing IFR flight today:

I was having this issue too. I realized it was because the bleed air needs to be on in order for the boots to inflate. For some reason, the checklist doesn’t call for turning on the bleed air until later. If you turn it on before turning on the airframe deice, the boots will work correctly.

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I have a stupid beginner question about VOR please.

For unknown reasons when starting on Victoria Intl and trying to tune in the “HYR” VOR (113,400, Radial 332°M, located in 43nm distance to departure airport and in 60nm distance to the arrival airport "Field of Dreams 04W) I have severe problems to navigate with this VOR.

During 90% of the flight I get no signal at all, no morse code is audible, no distance calculation no speed calculation on the KNS80 computer.

So I fired up the Garmin750 to “cheat” a little bit, tuned in the nearest RZN-DME and the KSN80 could finally receive this one.
But still no morse code, and the distance was so plain wrong: the Garmin GPS said it was in 4,2nm distance, while the KNS80 said 8mn distance. After overflying it the KNS80 computer still had 8nm distance, every data on the KNS80 seem to be frozen for several minutes until the data disappeared and NM KNOTS and MINUTES disappeared and what only remains was – – –
The KNS80 flight computer seems to be not functional, and loosing the VOR signal every minute or not receiving it at all.

Why do I have such severe problems receiving VOR´s in flight with the Black Square TBM with such extreme wrong and off distance calculations?
And frozen details on the LCD digits?
Sometimes I fly 10 minutes straight ahead and the distance calculation to the VOR seems to be completely frozen.

Bleed air is the first thing that comes online after I started the engine. Still it doesn’t do anything, and as has been said this hasn’t been the case until recently…:thinking:

Bleed air must always be switched on otherwise the heater and air conditioning system and cabin pressurization will not function.

I’m getting to grips with the 850, I’m familiar enough with it now that I forget to do things :blush:

Two questions I have, both shown in this screenshot …

1 - my 850 always seems to fly a bit to one side of the course. Is that something I’ve done or is it just what they do ?

2 - my 850 flies leaning to one side. I can affect this with the rudder trim so I’m guessing it’s just torque from the prop twisting the plane, and when the beast is fanging along at full chat even with the rudder trim hard over this is as good as it gets ?


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Funny, I’m having the same issue with the justflight bar146, but only when flying southbound. As soon as I switch from nav to hdg the planes’ flightpath straightens. Drives me kind of crazy, but nobody else seems to have that problem.
We could end up being soul mates :joy::joy:

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I don’t experience your item 1, at least not enough to notice typically. I do experience item 2 however. I will typically fly short hops and don’t see the issue but when I stretch it out a bit, it slowly lists to the port side as you show in your picture.