[RELEASED][V 1.1] Black Square TBM 850

Bleed air must always be switched on otherwise the heater and air conditioning system and cabin pressurization will not function.

I’m getting to grips with the 850, I’m familiar enough with it now that I forget to do things :blush:

Two questions I have, both shown in this screenshot …

1 - my 850 always seems to fly a bit to one side of the course. Is that something I’ve done or is it just what they do ?

2 - my 850 flies leaning to one side. I can affect this with the rudder trim so I’m guessing it’s just torque from the prop twisting the plane, and when the beast is fanging along at full chat even with the rudder trim hard over this is as good as it gets ?


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Funny, I’m having the same issue with the justflight bar146, but only when flying southbound. As soon as I switch from nav to hdg the planes’ flightpath straightens. Drives me kind of crazy, but nobody else seems to have that problem.
We could end up being soul mates :joy::joy:

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I don’t experience your item 1, at least not enough to notice typically. I do experience item 2 however. I will typically fly short hops and don’t see the issue but when I stretch it out a bit, it slowly lists to the port side as you show in your picture.

What’s strange is, that to my knowledge the TBM autopilot does not have rudder control authority, still the rudder seems to be fully deflected (if you look at the turn coordinator)

I know that the jf bae146 for sure doesn’t have a 3 axis AP, still it fully deflects the rudder in this situation

But, as I mentioned, only when flying an south-ish track…

You have full right rudder trim and the plane is leaning to the left to compensate for it. Take out the trim and it should straighten out. At max cruise speed and power, you should be at neutral trim or have just a little bit of right trim applied.

In my case there is no rudder trim at all. The plane does it by itself

A couple things might be going on here.

First, HYR is not a VOR, it is a DME only. Many VORs are being eliminated across the country, some left with a DME only in their place, and additional DMEs are being installed in some areas to fill gaps, as they are far less costly to operate and continue to assist many aircraft as a reference to triangulate position and update their inertial nav. However, DME has no course guidance like a VOR does, just distance. RZN is also only a DME.

Second, in the sim, every radio nav signal is limited to what’s called a standard service volume (SSV), which is various radii from the station, dependent on altitude. Outside of this the signal goes from 100% to 0%.

In real life an SSV is meant to guarantee reception and use within its volume if you are off a published course (airway or terminal procedure). VORs, DME, ILS, etc can often be picked up much farther than an SSV, especially on an airway, it’s just not guaranteed useable off-airway outside of that. The bottom of the SSV is curved, due to the curvature of the earth, obstruction, etc. Here’s a pic, taken straight from the AIM, of the new service volumes (the old ones are slowly being replaced):

Often times, I’ve found that despite the new service volumes, 40nm is the limit of many navaids. I’m just not sure whether the sim does the new SSVs, as it was built on the back of the old system and database. I’m sure someone will be along quickly to correct me on that. :slight_smile:

Third, are you using a third-party nav database? That could clear up some questions as sometimes there are discrepancies between the in-sim and third parties. For instance, the TDS GTN nav database is usually around a year out of date, so it may have stations on there that have since been converted. There could also be a database error (less likely, but possible).

Fourth, just to clarify, your groundspeed is locking up on the DME? It could be you’re flying in and out of service coverage, or there could be some other glitch. Also, groundspeed only really works if you’re flying directly toward or away from the station. If you’re flying tangential to a station, such as on a DME arc, the groundspeed will read close to zero.

Fifth, the discrepancy between distances could accounted for by understanding that DME operates on slant range, meaning the direct distance to the station, accounting for altitude. This is similar to a hypotenuse on a triangle being longer than either of the two sides (I understand the earth isn’t flat, but keeping it simple here). The discrepancy between the horizontal distance to the station over the ground and the slant range is increasingly noticeable as you get close to the station and have any significant altitude above ground. At 30,000’ AGL, directly over the station, for instance, your DME will read about 5.0nm.

However, if you are using the GPS distance to the same fix (rather than tuning the radio), it measures horizontal distance, not slant range to the ground.

Lastly, it could just be a bug. There are some of those still out there.

Hope that helps!


I just gave it a try and I did get lights; albeit, not what I was expecting.

After turning on bleed and turning on the airframe deice I get a solid green on the left which holds for about 8 seconds, at which point the green shifts to the right, holds for about 8 seconds, and then never come back on.

My expectation is that they should oscillate at a more rapid pace, which I believe is how it was working at launch, but now seems to be bugged.

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Is there a way to stop the GPS1 notification (above the TRQ indicator) from blinking together with the GPS MSG also blinking? one blinking is enough for me and it blinks when reaching every waypoint so its quite annoying. Support is appreciated, Thanks!

Switch to gns530, no blinking with that one…

You can disable the PMS50 GTN750 Messaging system in the options page.

Done thank you

I have the listing issue as well. You can see it in my ILS approach video up there somewhere. I think it happened on the 2nd or 3rd approach, can’t check right now.

The AzurPoly C-160 has the same problem, by the way. At least in one of the earlier versions. I didn’t get around to checking out the latest version yet.

Somehow my Altitude Selector is not showing any values. First I thought this is a random failure, but there are currently no active failures.

Has anyone experienced something like this before? Maybe I’m missing something

all fuses pushed ?


I didn’t think about the fuses, but yeah, that was the cause. Thank you!

Do you know if the fuses can randomly pop? But most likely, I mistakenly clicked and pulled the fuse. :smiley:


they jump if there is a failure linked to, otherwise nope, I guess you misclicked it at some point :wink:

Why is my cabin pressure not increasing?!

EDIT: Why is my cabin pressure only increasing with bleed air off?!

When I switch it to auto, it directly starts to depressurize, while I am cruising at FL210…

From what I can see in that pic you’re exactly where you set it, cabin a little over 3K pressure altitude with 6PSI differential and 0 rate of climb/descent until you turn off the bleed and cabin alt starts going up because you’re not feeding it any bleed air to keep pressure any more? Not sure what I’m missing here?

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