[RELEASED][V 1.1] Black Square TBM 850


For TFEV1909 regarding TBM condition lever control in Mobiflight

Could you flesh out exactly what you did please?

I presume the first code block in pink goes into an XML file in the aircraft (Community folder?). I have never modified those files, so dont know where to find the correct file, or how to add that piece of extra code… :thinking:

I understand latter code block goes into the Mobiflight as custom code for the condition lever, yes?

You can set Bvar’s now from external apps so having to use an LVAR as a hook into the Bvar is no longer required.

Not sure if MF has Bvar support yet but if not it’s surely not far off. Other Apps have if now and those that don’t yet will surely add it.

Makes things much easier and no xml’s to modify.

It is this file: AnalogTBM.xml.

To be found here: bksq-aircraft-tbm850\SimObjects\Airplanes\bksq-aircraft-tbm850\model

And edited like this (so I added the code near the end of the file, between lines 13552 - 13563):

Will test if settting the Bvars will work with Mobiflight.
EDIT: Setting Bvars directly does not work (yet) with Mobiflight.

In the Mobiflight events.txt, I use these events:


With is info will you be able to create an AirManager panel for the 850 or is there things blocking you other than time. I know people want a few panels from you.

Time is the biggest factor by far. TBM 850 is a way down the list unfortunately, simply because there is already a TBM and there are so many other types that need attention. It will get it’s time but not soon.

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Thanks TFEV1909, appreciate the the feedback on condition levers, I will look for the file in question and try your methodology. Being a total novice at delving into the XML, I have no experience in this depth of the SIM, but I should try. Surely though, it is time for model developers to provide standardised presets for us users. I come across this issue often with different aircraft and unfortuntaely it seems that the end users needs are not always high on the priorities. I think with MSFS, users like myself would either be developing their own hardware or adding commercial controls to the SIM, and yet time and time again, this issue prevents animation of controls in the SIM, or to get our hardware to produce that. The turbine fuel condition system for one often is a problem, TBM850, Kingair, Caravan. Although I believe if you use a HID device to input control data via the MSFS control options system, this isn’t necessarily the case. That then introduces other difficulties with programmming and limits of the go between device.

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Does anybody know if there is a MobiFlight LVAR for the emergency power lever?

Does anyone know which are the LVARs/events to trigger those ENG/ARM buttons at the left?


B:AUTOPILOT_VS_MODE 1 seems to be enabling both but what about ENG alone? Do these buttons do different things?

The manual states that:

Pressing the “VS ENG” push button will engage vertical speed hold mode, either maintaining the aircraft’s current vertical speed, or attempting to achieve one that has been set in the KAS 297B. Pressing the “ALT ARM” button will engage vertical speed mode and attempt to capture the altitude set in the KAS 297B

ps: for that matter, does anyone know if there is a comprehensive list of LVARs/events for this aircraft? The manual is a joke and has only info for people playing with a mouse. We need to start having more technical info in these manuals. For example I’m still trying to find which var/event triggers this button:


update: it is H event “H:FreeAirTempMode”

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Hi folks,

this topic is approaching 1.000 posts. Nice to see so much activity on the TBM 850, but you can easily loose track in such a big thread.

I’d just like to highlight that there is a Just Flight Community (Forum) with a dedicated TBM 850 channel.

Official support requests shall be placed by the Just Flight ticket system, however the user-to-user support is a nice add-on and I think more activity over there could help with the overall product experience.




It would be nice to know of further updates are planned for this fantastic aircraft. An EFB with charts, ground services, loading etc, would really make this top notch.

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Nice, thanks. I’ll follow up in that forum. After it looks it looks like my question about LVARs and events is discussed in Missing Documentation of LVars and stuff | Just Flight Community

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Yes, in fact Black Square just commented there by himself :smiley:

Please remember that he is running the development all by himself, so things may take a little longer. I’m very happy to wait since the TBM product is an amazing foundation :muscle:


I’ve got my TOGA button mapped, but I doesn’t seem to do anything on approach, using the mouse also doesn’t seem to influence even the Flight Director. Can anyone enlighten me ? Thanks

Is there a way to map the inertial separator to a switch on a HC Bravo? Thanks

Yes, use MobiFlight, Hubhop has nearby 600 inputs/outputs, just added.

Anybody having an issue where the PFD and MFD won’t turn on? (PMS GTN750 installed)

this is working for me

did you tried switching avionics then roll back to the gtn ?
all your fuse are still pushed in ?
maybe a mod conflict, are you using gns530 WT with the " In-cockpit bezel - WTT Mode" by pms50 ? if yes recommend trying this following fix WT GNS530 Compatibility

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Avionics are acting a little funky since SU 14 for me