[RELEASED][V 1.1] Black Square TBM 850

Has anyone got TOGA to work with the GNS530?

Is there a chance to operate the doors by LVAR‘s, BVAR‘s, >IE: or some others?

Yes you can but I’ll have to look at my scripts tomorrow sometime unless someone else replies first. I replied tonight so I can find this again.

thx a lot, I’ll wait, it’s not urgend. Because of my XTouch mini my switches at the Honeycomb Bravo feel so unused, so I’m looking for some useful for them :wink:

Hubhop via MobiFlight has Lvars

Thx, exactly what I’m looking for

Hi, I have a problem with the autopilot. All seems fine when using the PMS GTN750. However, when using the 530 autopilot does not work at all. It does not follow the heading but, it does nothing in NAV mode and also ALT or VS are not working. I’m new to the plane, but since everything works as expected with the 750, I believe something is wrong with avionics.

Which version of the 530 are you using ?

I am having the same issue as well. ALT/VS/NAV/FD/HDG not working. The avionics screen is frozen. I have to fly the plane manually.

I have WT 530 installed.

WT version from in-sim marketplace.

Try this if you do not already have it:


Is the avionics master switch set to on? And of course, I should have added the AP/Trims switch adjacent to this switched fully on?

Yes. Full systems are on. All screens light up. Just FD shows no movement. Nor does the CRS/GPS/ILS screen when in NAV mode. The HDG knob turns and that moves, but the plane does not follow it in HDG mode.

did you try with only black square and no other mods to determine a possible mod conflict ? what about your controller ? maybe try unplugging them and fly by mouse to see if it s not a panel or anything else conflicting

Yes. The only conflict I noticed was WT GNS530 mod was installed 2x (base and from the marketplace). I uninstalled the one from marketplace. Still same issue arises.

I m not sure what you mean by base, I would try the reverse and run only the one from marketplace

It does sound like you didn’t put the AP master switch at the bottom of the cockpit on ON

I think he means the official default WT one, as well as the WT conversion package from the Marketplace (which just points older planes that still use the Asobo version to the newer WT version).

I’m having the same problems as a lot of people: using WT/default GNS530, this thing has tremendous issues with it’s AP. I do have the WT conversion package from the marketplace installed, because without it, this plane appears to still use the ancient Asobo GNS, and that’s rubbish. I really wish this issue got some more visibily/attention from Blacksquare, it really needs looking at.

The BS Caravan has exactly the same issue.

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I can confirm that I had all avionics including autopilot master on. I experienced the following: started a flight with GNS530, autopilot does not follow any mode. It seems to be active though, maintaining attitude and bank at the moment of activating it. Restarted the sim, restarted the flight, this time with the 750, all went fine, AP followed heading, altitude etc. Switched to the 530 on the same flight and the problems reappeared. So I assume it has to do with the 530.

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All switches are turned to the on position. Seems like a 530 issue as with 750 the AP works well (as other users mentioned as well)