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Not trying to go off topic (too much) but there was an article I read once that stated the fear of shock cooling is largely a myth, with little of any real world evidence of it being a problem.

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I suspect shock cooling is a bit like over square manifold pressure, a hangover from the days of big radials. Chances are it may have been a real thing in the past but no longer is an issue.

That said, the Wilga’s do use big old fashioned radials.

yep, combined with that they’re often used to tow gliders (and dive down really fast to pick up the next glider)…

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Welcome to Willy’s World Adventures!



Wow, all that look so nice and you are so nice. Can I be your friend. (I’m nice too)

:grin: :small_airplane:

Hahah, thanks!

Sure! (but your avatar scares me a bit) :rofl:

There will be more Willy’s Adventure “postcards” to come. I usually forget to take screenshots as I’m having too much fun flying!


Ha, yes I can understand, although your lego head seam way more angry than me (I’m not angry). My wife said about me to a woman that also commented on my look, that I’m the most nice person she met in her life. : )

Back on topic, have you guys tried the new addition of the pad and the new avionic. I will soon test that out.

Does anyone know if there’s an option to switch the state of the aircraft to cold and dark?

I’m thinking of the many situations when I’m starting a flight at a small airfield. Since those small airfields often don’t have any parking spots to start the flight from I can’t quite replicate a cold and dark start. Now technically I could shut down the engine and all systems and then start it all up again. But that’s of course not quite the same - oil and engine will already be warm, and having to do a shutdown before a start feels off.

On the Just Flight Arrows and on the Goliath I can move over off the runway and switch the aircraft over to a cold and dark state via the EFB. Does the Wilga have such a function as well? If it hasn’t, anybody else who’d love to see this feature added?

All right, off to the airfield for the next leg in the Willy. Those 100 hours in the air that I promised to B.A. are beckoning.


I was about to ask the same, starting my flight at GMAZ makes my engine already running because there is no parking spots and so on for a bunch of airfields around which kills the immersion when you go camping for instance, an option cold and dark is highly recommended, if the devs can make this as a priority it will be great!

Tks :wink:


A cold/dark switch or option is not part of the current Wilga framework. We can look into including such a feature, but I can’t guarantee anything at this second.

Thanks for the feedback and request. We hear you :slight_smile:


I know that even acknowledging requests can be a minefield. But I can promise that the simmer on this side of the keyboard is not going to hold you to this!

It’s really great to see how much you are engaged with the community and your approach and openness is greatly valued! Right on, Commander! Whoops, wrong game.

Since I know you’re reading let me also say once again how utterly happy I am with the Willy! She’s such fun, a great goldilocks plane a step up in complexity from some of the bush planes out there, but not overwhelmingly so. And she behaves really charmingly. I’ve been challenged by @Baracus250 to get up to 100 hours in the air within three months. With one month down and two to go I’m sitting at 40 hours now, so I think I’ll make it. And I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t thoroughly enjoy the experience :smile:

Good going! I might have to increase that target then? haha.

It’s my top now on Hobbs and Hours (where the Cabri was weirdly out of synch in one of the files by a lot before) but Willy has brute forced itself to the top on both now :slight_smile:

I’m not far behind you, but got sucked into flying the Cowan 206 copter a lot and because I got that new yoke for Xmas I’ve been driving the C172 and Kodiak a fair bit also. And the Moth. And Porter. Not enough time in the week — plus I can only play “properly” every other weekend!


Haha, yes you might need to increase the target. But that would cut into my Moth-time, and that would be cruel!

Luckily I live alone and can spend anywhere between two and six hours on an evening in the sim, but even so there’s not enough time in the week. Why can’t I fly the Willy for five hours, then travel back in time, and then fly the Moth for five hours? And then maybe travel back in time once again and fly the remaining planes for another five hours. Oh my, at least one can dream…

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GotFriends x Sky4Sim Announcement

We have some exciting news relating to our partnership with Sky4Sim! With the help of our current Sky4Sim NG Tablet integration on the Wilga 35/80 Series, they have been able to pinpoint the good, bad and ugly of the current Sky4Sim NG system. Because of this, they announced earlier today that a new fully integrated Sky4Sim version will be available soon. This is very exciting news! It is built as a complete instrument version of Sky4Sim which is natively supported by MSFS. This means it has all Sky4Sim features embedded into the system and ready to interact with flight plan sharing between the tablet and your aircraft avionics. You can create your flight plan on your Sky4Sim tablet and send it to your aircraft avionics with a single click! If you aren’t aware of Sky4Sim, I highly recommend you check out their addon. A very nice EFB that will soon be making waves across many more aircraft than just the Wilga.

We are working with Sky4Sim to update the current “Tablet Replacement Mod” with this feature rich update soon.

Thank you all for the support!

Sky4Sim Information:


I’ve been meaning to check out that utility. This is likely the push I needed :wink:

Do you know if it’s (relatively) heavy on CPU performance?

Unsure of the final “load” as it’s still in testing. However, I’ll post more information soon! For now, if you’re interested in their external/browser based version, I highly recommend giving it a whirl, even though the current Wilga Implementation isn’t perfect. That way you can get use to the interface and be part of it’s growth!



Well, it works :slight_smile:

No real noticeable performance hit so far here - maybe a bit - but my system is weak and I have not flown here before without it installed, so…

The ‘refresh rate’ on the actual tablet is quite low which maybe makes it seems worse than it actually is.

Now to get my head around it. I read somewhere ages ago (I think) that one can import POI location markers from the Orbx GB packs (there is a KML file for them) but I can’t see how yet.

EDIT: btw, not sure why I have the other screen as I only loaded the sim with these items:

  • gotfriends-wilga
  • gotfriends-wilga-sky4sim-ng
  • ingamepanels-sky4sim-ng

…and I know this is not NEEDED, but it shouldn’t matter if it’s there, or does it?

  • pms50-instrument-gtn750
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Yep, latency is because the current version is working off an web interface. It’s in the process of going full integration like the GTN750. An update will be coming from Sky4Sim and us when it’s ready with the new instrument version. I know you’re going to enjoy it!

Gtn750 isn’t required unless you’re running the combination gtn750+sky4sim replacement mod.

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I wasn’t on this run of the game but still got that nav stack…

Then it doesn’t hurt any, it can stay in the community folder. It won’t do anything for the Wilga or against it if the Wilga’s GTN750 Replacement package isn’t in community folder.

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