Releasing mouse on freelook returns me to front view

I have a problem with the interior view of the plane. Using the right mouse button I move around with the view, but as soon as I release the button it returns me to the front view. This happens to me for all the internal views, while for the external ones I don’t have this problem. The aircraft is an A320Fbw. What should I set in the controls settings?

In the controls settings, use the search feature to filter by right mouse button, to find what might be configured wrong. It could also be something in camera settings or accessibility settings, not sure, I never had this problem.

I restore mouse setting but I have same problem.

I think it might be one of the toggle/hold/manual settings tripping you up.

Look for the toggle free look I thinks its in one of the assist menus

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This is my setting mouse

Get out of controls options and look under assist, camera, accessibility options.

I found it, thank you so much!!! :grinning:

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