Relevant VR information from the Q&A on September 29th

Not everyone has the time to watch it all but thankfully the YouTube video has the Q&A in Chapters, here’s the direct link to the VR section of the chat, worth watching to understand what exactly is going on:

Here’s the two “snapshots” of sorts of what Martial is talking about:




I don’t get that first slide. Is the “Community Feedback” section supposed to be referring to fixes they have made or are definitely making in SU6? Or are they just acknowledging the issues?

If they are fixes, which I suspect, why do they then have a separate section called “Fixes”? What’s the difference in category that makes them split it this way?

And what does “already published” mean? Are they saying they already fixed all those things in that line with the last hotfix? Or maybe just the overexposure? Did they?

Maybe perhaps watch the segment, Martial talks about it so perhaps your questions are answered there.

Overexposure and system wide scenery clarity regression made me excited for some good changes. : ) Thanks!

I did watch it but that didnt make it clearer, therefore im asking others for their understanding here

Yeah, for me it was a rather disappointing, jumbled, “Blah blah er, um, er, something or other.”

Not really impressed to be honest. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Then again the fact that DX12 is done and in testing, and so is on the way soon may be a bigger deal for VR, at least performance wise.

controllers wlll be supported in SU7 November, after almost one year. quality and usage we have to see.

Yeah whilst these Q&As are a good listen in certain aspects the actual proof is in the pudding, SU6&7 could both provide a bit of a boost for VR which is needed but as you say lets wait and see. For me personally it’s about fixing all the little Quality Of Life areas & bugs and adding little features that go a long way, I think from SU6 onwards we should see a progression in VR from then on and not a regression like what we got with SU5.

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I’m also confused by this. Some things like this were fixed with a hotfix after SU5 (blurry ground textures from altitude, clouds not affecting light properly etc) so I fear they mean all of that has already been released? I hope not, and that they will further improve things including the overexposure which has been a problem since vr release.


Hmm, something, maybe also not. But all in all still none of the things that really bother me in VR. :frowning:
Well, maybe. next year.

TBH i dont even care too much about this. Unless its implemented almost perfectly, mouse will probably still be superior.

Especially because i think it would feel really unnatural to take your hand off the stick or throttle, pick up the huge chunky G2 controller from some unseen place and click whatever button, then set it back down so you can use the stick or throttle again.

Im hoping to be positively surprised though, who knows. I guess it could be good for start up procedures etc.

#1 VR priority should really be to get that god darn shimmer fixed!!!


I have to agree but at the same time understand why some would want it. VR controller support is very low on my personal priority list.


I’d much rather have a Head Pointer than Controller support personally, as mentioned above fumbling around with controllers on top of HOTAS/Button Boxes may get too much (willing to give it a go though) whereas a simple Head Pointer is bound to 1 button press.

I would like large objects outside of 115 degrees FOV to be no longer pop in and out. That sucks enormously.
And a single screen on the monitor so that you can finally use PointCtrl.
Oh yes, AA and Gama would also be way up there.

I’m looking forward to VR improvements. There’s lots of little things that will help. Here’s a few ideas I’d like to see.

  1. I’d like to see the double-mouse pointer in 3rd party aircraft fixed
  2. flight instruments shown in the external view
  3. to be able to load a flight plan from the map page without having to leave VR to browse to the plan.
  4. I’d also like to be able to spin my view around at will. There’s a camera view for looking backwards but it’s not adjustable and never seems to be in a good spot for me.
  5. and of course better framerates

Regarding 4: This already workd, no? I have camera rotation mapped to a hat switch. Or what do you mean?

I can rotate outside the cockpit in drone mode or external view. Can you rotate inside the cockpit in VR? In the cockpit I can move left-right-up-down-forward-back but not rotate. If you can rotate please tell how.

No we can’t rotate inside cockpit without moving our head AFAIK. In fact, I think it could be really disturbing to do so in VR, and that’s probably why none of the game I know in VR allow a free cam like this in headset, only big 90 degrees temporaries steps like the one we have in MSFS.

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That’s good to know. I thought maybe I was missing something.

But regarding your comment about games not having this feature is not true. Most games give you the choice of steps or free rotate. Check half-life alyx for example. I use free rotate when available. It doesn’t make me sick at all. Plus MSFS gives you a free rotate outside the cockpit, so why not inside as well?

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