Relevant VR information from the Q&A on September 29th

I agree. Controller implementation must done properly meaning rotary, toggle, push button switches and levers are interacted with correctly and intuitively. It’s not trivial but we’ll just have to wait and see.

You can sort of fake it using the custom view controls by turning your head 90 degrees, creating a custom view, then after enabling the new custom view, turning your head 90 degrees again (now facing backwards) and overwriting the original custom viewpoint. Now that you have a custom view looking backwards, you can use the standard vertical/horizontal translation keys to fine tune where exactly you want to be positioned…and then finally overwriting the custom viewpoint once more.

Not ideal, but it works to get a good VR view in one of the rear-facing seats!

Great idea. I will try that, thanks.


That’s not what we talking about. In Half Life Alyx this is the whole body that you move smoothly or by step, you head follow the move but still independent thanks to your headset. What you’re asking above was, if I understood well, the capacity to move smoothly the camera freely without moving your head, like what we have on monitor session. It could be by a stick, a joystick hat, or even trackIR. If you move the camera with your finger and not your head I assure you that you’ll be sick in seconds in VR. That’s a really different thing than Half Life Alyx and all other VR games. The pilot is seated, you’re seated in a plane.

Edit : check what happen in a nearly similar way when the Sim decide to move the camera in VR, that’s the same issue if you do it yourself for your eyes view (not the body itself):

@CodeLoran69 It’s okay. I don’t want a big discussion on this. My wishlist is to have this feature, that’s all. I hope they implement it and I’ll use it if they do. It won’t make me sick and it will allow me to spin around in my seat and move backwards into the cabin. I know I can do that now with other features but rotating around will make it easier for me. I like to spin around in drone mode and I’d like the be able to do the same when in cockpit view.

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Oh ok, no. Why would you want to rotate inside the cockpit rather than just turn your head?

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I’m not against this implementation obviously, people may or may not using it. Optional is always a good thing to make everybody happy :blush:

:+1: Agreed. It’s only a wish-list item and not very important anyway.

My take on all this was as follows (and obviously just my interpretation):

In SU6 they are implementing VR improvements that are a combination of the feedback from the community shown and the fixes shown. I took it that the differece was that the fixes were things they already had identified themselves and planned to fix and the community feedback was based on feedback from the forum in terms of what people see as the most important things to get after.

The “already published” was referred to only the overexposure and it seemed like he said that this had already been fixed in one of the SU5/hotifixes/WU6 recently - although, tbh, I’m not sure I’ve really noticed. There was a general over exposure problem after SU5 that was definitely improved (not sure it was exactly fixed back to pre SU5). However, I didn’t have a VR headset at that point, so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

All of the other things on that first page came across to me as things that will be fixed or improved in SU6, which sounds pretty good.

Controller support coming in SU7. Like others, I’m not sure about this given I’m flying with physical yoke/throttle set up that require 2 hands at times, and so picking up/putting down a controller might be a bit impractical - but let’s see.

I did see a video of a guy basically interacting with a virtual cockpit (I think in DCS or something) entirely with the controllers that did look good - reaching up to the ceiling panel etc. So you never know.

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It is great to see some fixes for VR in the next simupdate 6. But I have the same opinion like other here:

#1 VR priority should really be to get that god ■■■■ shimmer fixed!!! That SHIMMER BUG killed completely the great VR experience from the past… ASOBO PLEASE REPAIR THE SHIMMER BUG​:pray::pray::pray:

VR controller support is implemented really nicely in XP11. Squeezing the trigger partially emits a ‘laser pointer’, squeezing it fully ‘locks on’ to the control you are pointing at, and rotating the controller rotates the control. Flipping a switch is achieved by flipping the controller up or down with your wrist. Very satisfying.

It’s very natural and intuitive. You can also grab and drag any windows you have inside the cockpit to place them where you want.

The controller is always rendered in the cockpit, with a bit of ingenuity you can set it on the passenger seat.

I use a trackball for MSFS, it’s slow and clunky in comparison but not as bad as it was prior to the last update.

It has to be done right. The controller in XP11 pops up the menu right there on the controller, instead of the floating menu bar in MSFS. Youtube videos will show how well this works.

VR controller support is one thing XP11 really got right, it feels like having a hand in the cockpit. It just clicks with you in the space of 30 seconds and you don’t even think about it.


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