Remember departure, route, arrival settings from last flight

Please, here is a useful option to add: In the World Map page, save your last departure, arrival, route, and aircraft configuration from last flight. That way, you can restart it or make a small change without having to set everything up again.


It would be a great help if the World map could remember my settings for departure, route and arrival. For longer, more complex flights it is annoying to have to re-enter all the details if I start the flight, realise I want to change something, go back to the main menu just to find the flight planning completely blank.


I don’t see them changing any of this. It is more a game than a simulator. Certainly evidenced by the large number of people that are using it.

Judging from the ~100K downloads of some of the more popular addons for FS9, I’d say that the number of users doesn’t disqualify any release from being a “simulator.” (The World of AI installer had over 200K d/l’s from Flightsim alone.) I started out in FS2002 and continued with FS9, and neither of them had any “activities” other than flight lessons.

Completely agree with the OP.


Yes, unfortunately, with deep regret of the hardcore simmers, their intent is just that: more game and less simulation, to sell as much as possible…

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That is exactly the problem. It is more of a game then a simulator!
Supposedly it was supposed to be a simulator.

I’m a bit embarassed to be in the minority here, but I’m going with [Pete1961] here. Leave it as is w/respect to the specific items mentioned by the OP. Options would be ok though. This program needs to appeal to multiple audiences to sell more and thus get more feature enhancements and more free/pay ware.

I would humbly request to be able to vote “NO” to wishlist items to give a better picture about how the community feels. Thanks.

Different strokes for different folks…

This should have been a no-brainer with the developers. But, alas obvious and intuitive software design seems lacking in many many places in FS2020. Maybe version 2…

Also, the RESTART a flight button is absolutely worthless. With everything loaded already from the WORLD MAP screen, maybe the user WANTS to change something rather than simply restarting the flight in mid-air, or at the airport. Why, because you crashed? Then the WORLD MAP screen is the place to restart from.

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Yes, it is utterly ridiculous how simple ground level functions still don’t work after a year +.
A simple working Save State instead of picking up a reloaded flight midflight with nothing set where you left it at least with all the stock aircraft anyway (I only purchased 1 AC for this sightseeing simulator which in fact does a great job saving and restoring the saved panel state). Also you still cannot manually set the time if you happen to pick up a saved flight 12 hours off on a saved day flight and you have to pick it up in the pitch black of darkness although you can do this in DEV Mode but then it disables the fantastic working logbook.

Update… I’m still annoyed by the lack of this feature. Sure you can always ‘Save’ a flight’, but that involves 3 additional screens to go through. I’ve already changed my flight workflow, and generally always create a flight plan now using Little Navmap. Great tool BTW!

However, there are times when I just want to jump in and go. The World Map should at a minimum show the last 10 airports (Departure & Destination) you’ve flown out/in of. I know you can always search progressively, but that’s more steps, and cumbersome IMO. Simply listing the last 10 airport would make my life a lot easier, and it appears I’m not the only one who would like to see this little added improvement. Maybe it could add as a UI setting under Options.

And why the application doesn’t return you to the World Map after your flight ends is another programing choice that puzzles me. Just because my flight ends (in whatever fashion) doesn’t me I want to go back to the main menu?