REMINDER: Reset your .cfg files before WU6 Tomorrow

Friendly reminder, any of us who have changed the config files to make LOD values larger than default, should make sure we’re using the default user config file before updating WU6. Especially since the new pre-caching option will be added into this update.

TL;DR - any modifications you’ve made to MSFS config files should be reset back to default to ensure no issues in upcoming WU6


I wonder if we should be deleting our rolling cache as well.


I don’t know why they ask us to remove everything in the community folder when updating. It just doesn’t make sense. The updates don’t touch the community folder. If something screws up after the update then that seems to be the time to start deleting some things. But during the update? I’m just not going to do it anymore.


They are trying to avoid scenarios where the sim won’t start properly after the update process - so maybe a CTD of failure of the sim to start at all. Maybe that could cause some issues. Tbh renaming the folder or using an add on linker to remove mods isn’t much work.

The only extra thing to remember is that if you have a Navigraph subscription and use the beta you should use the Navigraph installer to remove the nav data. Otherwise just removing the navigraph data files can mess up the nav data in the sim. Again, thats probably less than a minute to do.


I always do after any update.

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I don’t usually either. My original post though isn’t about the community folder.

Yes I know that. I was just chiming in.


As a reminder for Navigraph Users: use NavData Nav Center to remove the NG database. Just removing the NG folders from Community does not update the Content.xml, which leads to problems on sim restart. It’s easily readded enough after you confirm WU6 cleanly installed and restarted.


And what about aerosoft-crj and AFC_Bridge folders?

Last time I downloaded a world update I had to reinstall everything. If you save a copy of the packages folder in C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache, then this could save you a lot of grief if you have to start over.
I cannot remember who it was on this forum who pointed out that you can back up MSFS, but thank you again if you are reading this.


hi…thanks for the tip…but concreteky, you do a back up of that file…and then, what is the process ?
(sorry, i m not that tech savvy in these things)…so the upgrade will come very soon, and then, what to do ? replace file ? thanks

Just copy the entire folder somewhere else, then update the sim. If it works you can delete the backup.

A few days(!) after the last hotfix I had to redownload the entire sim and reinstall everything in my Community folder, so I’m definitely doing a backup this time.

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Mines like 150GB. Can I just backup my community folder? That’s the most likely place there will be issues right?

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What you should do is create a new folder on the desktop and cut and paste the contents of your Community folder into it. Run the update with the empty Community folder and then once it’s complete cut and paste everything back again.

It’s the best chance of a trouble free update. Leaving stuff in the community folder is almost certain to cause issues.


Okay thanks for the tip!

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Despite Asobo saying over and over to do that, loads of people forget and/or don’t do it. Me included, occasionally.

The only time I’ve ever had a problem (looping download) was when there was stuff in that folder. As soon as it was empty the problem went away.

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I believe also instead of cutting and pasting, you can just rename the Community folder to something like Community_backup, and then make a new empty folder in the same location named Community.


You don’t even need to do this as an empty community folder will be created at sim launch if it doesn’t exist.


Ohh even better, that’s good to know.

The community folder is just the addons that you have installed. If you want to back up then save both folders ( /official and /community) in the packages folder to another location.

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