RemoteFlight apps compatible?

Anyone tried the RemoteFlight apps to see if they work?

Worth giving it a shot. May external apps that used the legacy version of sim connect still work with the new flight sim. I’ve been using Flight Plan GO on my phone synced to the sim for a while and its worked perfectly.

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How do you get it working? it doesn’t connect for me.

For FltPlnGo, you need to download and install their GPS app on your PC so your phone’s app can connect to it. You can download that file here: (open it in Edge or Firefox if it does not load in chrome).

The installer will give you both the old version of Simconnect from FSX as well as the actual hostserver itself that your phone (client) will connect to. Simply launch the app on your phone, swipe from the side to select external platform the app will track from, and select P3D/FSX under the “simulators” tab. Make sure your FLGGPS is running on your PC, hit connect and if it asks “are you using the windows 10 app”, select “no” (unless you are using it on the same PC as your sim rather than on your phone).

Then launch the sim, load up a flight and you should see your aircraft tracking on the VFR sectionals, airport diagrams, etc…

Thanks, this explains it. For xplane it was able to connect directly. But this makes sense.

yes thats correct. XP11, it worked out of the box because Laminar designed the sim to support external trackers under their networking settings.FS2020 still uses the simconnect API (which is good for compatibility) but we still end up needing the GPS host application running on the PC so the app knows what its connecting to. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was hoping for the same network data output style interface that xplane provided. But at the same time. Some of the javascript stuff is easily editable.

I was able to integrate msfs with my custom flight tracker just by editing the VFRMap.js file (reads simvars and then fires a web request with the data), didn’t even need to adapt my xplane network data ingest server software for it. tradeoffs I guess.

When I follow this exact order I get this exception from the FLGGPS app on the computer.


Does the sim have to be running first?

yeah you can run the sim in the menus. just run the app before loading a flight. (thats what they say). Technically you can run the app even mid flight.

I hit connect on the PC app after loaded into the menu in msfs, it reports that it’s “connected to FSX” but the phone app isn’t reporting as connected just “connecting” phone is also on the same network as the PC.

Do you by chance have wifi in your PC? We noticed in testing two nights ago that there were some issues when getting the app connected to a pc running ethernet vs pc on wifi, and a phone on the same wifi network.

(yes I know being on ethernet to the same router should mean you’re on the same network in most scenarios. Just worth trying. I personally have been using the sim on a Laptop since Alpha3. FltPlnGo works with both on wifi).

Nope. And I read this exact same thing somewhere else too.

My PC is ethernet, phone via wifi. I shall test with them both connected via wifi.

Still no luck with both on wifi. Probably will email their support. The PC app always reports connected, but the phone app just stays at “connecting”

Probably will email FltPlanGo support

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Did you ever get this resolved for Remote Flight apps for iPad. After release?

Thanks to your clarification, I installed FltPlan Go GPS on my Iphone and it connected, displaying my plane on the generic map and the sectionals. Before I read oodles of instructions, can I use it to pre-prepare flight plans and load them into FS 2020?