Removable yoke?

Pretty sure the answer is no, as can’t find anything

Anyone know of a flight yoke where the yoke is removable?

Quick release type like my racing wheel has, base stays put and just the rim comes off

*EDIT - nevermind. Just dawned on me you meant the actual yoke itself. To that I believe that’s a hard no. That would be very hard to do design-wise.

I assume you’re aware of the Honeycomb yoke? It’s not quick release but there are two little screw down feet that you can screw back up and slide off the yoke leaving the base. The baseplate still takes up a fair amount of space. Lastly, I would suggest if you’re going to full remove and disconnect the USB that you leave the USB-C in the port on the Honeycomb and just remove the computer USB end. I’ve read several complaints of the USB-C port breaking. Easy enough to re-solder if you’re adept with soldering, but still preferred to avoid having to do.

Was aware of it but had no idea it had any sort quick release so thats a start.

Had a look at the manual and a couple of videos, see what you mean, can see the entire unit has a quick release which is something.

But yeah ideally a quick release of the yoke itself.

The honeycomb I see actually has a separate plug in cable for the electronics which is the hard part of the quick release.
All it needs is a quick release coupler (like bike handlebars/seat) for the yoke on the shaft and job done!

It’s true that those USB-C connectors are somewhat fragile, but leaving them in while moving the unit around sounds even more dangerous to me than gently and carefully plugging them in and out.

To confirm though sorry. As well as the usb from the base to PC, there is also a usb or connector cable from the base to the yoke?

Not sure I understand, outside of the metal mounting baseplate the rest of the yoke is one solid unit. So there is only one USB cable and that goes from the Honeycomb (USB-C side) to PC (USB-A side).

But it’s true that there is a short spiralled cable between the base and the yoke itself. It’s not USB though. The connectors look more like those on a net cable.

OK yeah, rj45 type cable.

So without that plugged in, the yoke buttons don’t work i assume?

I’m trying to figure if there’s any cabling in the shaft basically. Other yokes that don’t have this separate cable presumably have cabling running up the shaft.

I’m thinking with the honeycomb potentially the shaft could be cut and a quick release coupler fitted if there’s no cabling in it see.
I’m not sure i would actually do it anyway, invalidate warranty for sure, but potentially at least

Affirmative. I found that out the hard way, when I assembled the Alpha for the second time and for a moment thought that it was already broken. :smirk:

Haha. Been there a few times, somewhat angrily having a Google…ah, oops.
Nice feeling when you realise its fine at least.

Thanks for the confirmation

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