Removal of Default Aircraft

Hi All,

Because of my OCD, I like my aircraft list to show only the aircraft I fly, I can remove everything but the Cessna 152, TBM and Pitts S1. Is there a way I can remove them? I’ve tried deleting them from the official packages folder, but I have to reinstall after every restart of the sim. Or Asobo please let us remove them like every other aircraft.


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Some aircraft you can not remove as their components are a base for other aircraft or activities.

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Thanks, bit of a shame, I only use 3rd party aircraft so I know removing these aircraft won’t change anything but it is what it is :slight_smile:


But renaming your aircraft.cfg to something like aircraft.cfg.old works

Um, renaming this is not the best idea.

Just open each aircraft.cfg using text editor and find the line “isUserSelectable = 1”. Change it on every livery ( [FLTSIM] - entry ) to “isUserSelectable = 0” and on the next load they magically disappeard from the selection screen :slight_smile: this way the aircraft will still be available for multiplayer model matching :wink:


There needs to be an option to “favorite” aircraft that are then shown at the top of the list.

A “Frequent Flyers” option, if you will. :wink:


I agree! :slight_smile:
There’s a wish on that in #self-service:wishlist


Thanks - it’s worked apart from the pitts as I can’t find an aircraft.cfg.

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These may be still encrypted - however that may change on SU10 :slight_smile: