Remove Eurofighter from marketplace

I made the mistake of assuming this product would have been vetted for addition to the marketplace. It never occurred to me that MS/ASOBO would take no interest in ensuring some standards at the front door.
Money is tight - some of us come by it hard these days. No one wants to waste their money so - for me anyway - I’m not going to assume the Marketplace is a safe bet. That’s a shame and an opportunity lost for the home field.

My feelings ,we have right to expect MS/ASOBO TO FILTER PRODUCTS they allow onto the MARKETPLACE for quality. Very dissapointed ,all this does is to DETRACT from the superb sim they have created.


ASOBO and MS have stated they will not be vetting products on there. The reality is seen in this thread… some like it, some hate it. Do your homework before purchasing.


You don’t have the right to EXPECT that. You can wish… (Believe me, I wish that were the case too)… But Asobo/MS made their decision and I respect it. It would have been nice, but that’s not their vision for the store. So let it be.

We should let be an expensive not at all realistic toy piece of garbage into our stores with realistic items?
Its like going to a supermarket, and buying an apple. Except amongst the pile of apples are disgusting rotten ones. They shouldn’t be there! Its disrespectful to the consumers, AND the creators of the good apples. The consumers should have to experience the garbage items on the marketplace, being charged at the same prices as the fully fleshed out products! And the creators of the good addons shouldn’t have their products mixed with such stupidly useless toys.

Thankfully i saw this in October.

With the great job they did with the MB-339, especially considering how relatively early it was & their continued support. I knew it’d be worth waiting for their Eurofighter.

Then early reviews were pretty bad & haven’t really improved for the BREDOK3D one currently on there. So it made it even easier to pay it no thought.


Whatch reviews before buying is all you can do to mitigate this problem. A comment section in the marketplace would go a long way though. That way the products there can be ‘reviewed’ even if MS does not give a **** about standards there.

I mean it is quite a hypocritical statement saying that they want to do the best Flight Sim platform there is and than promote basically garbage products next to high quality stuff in their marketplace! If they don’t want to curate, leave the marketplace out completely I say. The way it is now, it is way obvious this is all just about money, as it always is!
Just my 2 cents.


it seems to be, that the opions differ very much on this topic.
One easy way to inform people about the quality and reviews, could be a link in every marketplace item to this forum which is dedicated to that specific item.
If people are considering buying a specific item, they can decide themselfs if they choose, lets say looks over performance or realism.
I can imagine that newbies on msfs are more content with a easy to fly/ “plug and play” jetfighter than a high complicated realistic jet like the CRJ which takes hours of studie and checklists.
This is exactly how i use and experoence MSFS as well. Sometime i feel like go flying the FBW a320 and make it as “real as it gets” while on another day, i feel more like cruising around in a spitfire and “intercept” unsuspecting cessna’s.
With thousends, maybe milions of (potenial) users, there are also the same amount of expierences and wishes.
One thing to be aware of, is that your expectations match the quality or realism of the product you like to buy. There are 2 ways to find this out: buy the product yourself and find out yourself or watch other peoples reviews and experiences.
For the second option the only thing you need is a bit of patience and a bit of help from the team to make this possible. With a dedicated place like this forum full of professionals and experienced people its a great way to make a well considered choice. The beauty on this forums its now all about positive reviews but also the critisism that try to keep the standards up but also gives you an honoust view on a specific item.
Same with buying a pc, car or whatever you wish. if you want to have the latest and newest product and call yourself (one of) the first persons to own a specific item, dont be surprised that sometimes it could be a bit disappointing. we all been there! If you make yourself blind for critisim, its easy to see only the positive side. On the other hand wat does/doesnt works for you, could be a nightmare/dream for someone else.

Long story short,

  1. a dedicated place on this forum with a link in the marketplace.
  2. to all: keep up the great work by reviewing, complaining and posting your experience on this forum, while this gives a honoust and varied opinion of all the things that MSFS has to offer. The choice will be for every user itself.
  3. dont get yourself dragged into a negative spiral, keep it to the facts and respect other user that feel different about an item or have different experiences.

Blue skies and have a lot of fun, beacause after all thats why we are here for!


Well said!

I should have read the reviews before purchasing this aircraft! Really bad on performance taking a 50% on FPS, GPU usage goes from 80-100% on all other aircrafts, on this it averages between 30-60% usage. Constant stuttering too. I’m running a RTX3070 and R9 3900x so not a slow system, really disappointed with this purchase. No refund either!!

A little late to update my comment .the problem i was havng with the downloading was due to my mistake in setting the broadband width to low , set at unlimited ithe download worked well and the plane is very good and i can reccomend it . Sorry to BREDOK 3D

Where exactly is this setting " broadband width"?

Hi Aviattore7040 Go TO GENERAL SETTINGS PAGE IN left hand column GO TO DATA , towards bottom of page look for DATA BANDWIDTH USAGE LIMIT , FIRST ITEM BELOW THAT HEADING IS BANDWIDTH ajust to UNLIMITED hope this helps