Remove "Good Day"

I like it. :wink: I’d be even better with “Away with you!”


I vote for “Begone, thot!”


I love it! Let’s do it! Everyone vote for “Begone, thot!” :wink:

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:bulb: Maybe it is set to that (“Good day”) since the in-game ATC may not know if it is morning, afternoon, or evening. “Good day” is a time-agnostic greeting.

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I’ll vote for “Live long and prosper”

When you switch to a new controller, they should say “Ba weep granna weep ninny bong.”

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I took a discovery flight a couple of weeks ago and heard a KSNA tower controller and a pilot have the exaggerated “seeee yuhhh” exchange. The CFI said they like to mess around in the evenings. So it’s not unprecedented to hear it IRL too, I guess. I assumed, just like you, that this behavior was only seen online and was just people on VATSIM messing around.

Here’s the video:

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Oh, I know it’s not uncommon irl. You can hear it a lot on ATC videos.

Listen to just about any location with LiveATC. “Good day” is very common. Also talking fast like an auctioneer.

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It’s the way they say it. It’s almost like they aren’t certain if they really want you to have a good day or not.

I’ve changed it to a simple “bye”, I was thinking, what do we usually say in European airspace, usually it is good morning, afternoon, evening, in the local language if possible, since this is not an option “bye” is the second commonly used in real life I would say.

Should be changed to mmmKay. :grinning:

I’d like to hear the controllers greet you with, “Hey now!” after you’re handed off to them… whatdya think?

Happy Birthday Jerry! :slight_smile:

I always end with “good day” when flying IRL. :man_shrugging:

Way less annoying than “SEEYAH”, which was mildly amusing like 10 years ago…

I removed a few things, Good day was one of them.
I thought I might come up with something funny, but my dry humor gets old, fast.

I replaced “decimal” with “point” for frequencies.
I am experimenting with the ATC glitch. I want to know how far off ATC thinks I am so I modified the lines to:

“ATCCOM.AGNT_AC_VECTOR_EXPEDITE_CLIMB.0.text”: “{callsign_shortened}, you are {altitude_off} below, please expedite your climb {altitude_new}.”,
“ATCCOM.AGNT_AC_VECTOR_EXPEDITE_CLIMB.0.tts”: “{callsign_shortened}, you are {altitude_off} below, please expedite your climb {altitude_new}.”,
“ATCCOM.AGNT_AC_VECTOR_EXPEDITE_DESCENT.0.text”: “{callsign_shortened}, you are {altitude_off} above, please expedite your descent {altitude_new}.”,
“ATCCOM.AGNT_AC_VECTOR_EXPEDITE_DESCENT.0.tts”: “{callsign_shortened}, you are {altitude_off} above, please expedite your descent {altitude_new}.”,

I first heard sim ATC use “good day” while touring Atlantic Canada. I figured it was just a Bob and Doug McKenzie reference.

Exactly. It shouldn’t be GOOD DAY, pronounced properly, it should be G’Day … a truncated version of the phrase.

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Is there a way to have them never tell me or anyone to expedite? I swear I’ve never hear it anywhere on atc chatter.

The “Good Day” becomes especially comical after the Tower has told you to go around and contact Approach…

Sounds good! Just be careful that if the system encounters a {variable} that it’s not expecting, it may remove the line from speech entirely. So you may hear a blank line if it doesn’t have a value for that variable.

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