Remove input acceleration for throttle up/down buttons (keys)

It’s almost impossible to set exact throttle position with throttle up & down buttons or keys.
Unwanted acceleration makes throttle movements very unpredictable.
Same thing to mixture and prop axis.

If MSFS is going to make its debut in the XBOX console someday, it must be “solved” or “improved” (“eliminated” might be the best solution I think) because it is one of those critical usability problems for controller users.

And don’t forget the rudder trigger issue.
LT & RT should be treated as AXIS not BUTTONS!!!
Honestly, can’t understand why it is not hotfixed, still.

It’s on the mouse cockpit free lock as well, in the form of negative acceleration. This often happens with multi platform games, where even on PC the developer treat a console controller as the primary input, and design the control scheme around that.

I have a mouse, I have no need of acceleration, so kindly let me disable it!

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This is actually a major problem if you use a controller on PC or Xbox, like I do, as it effects ALL aircraft and consequently messes up most of the V/S rate too - the problem has existed since launch. The input acceleration with buttons is extreme. If you throttle up the aircraft will continually climb until it’s almost vertical and is a nightmare holding level flight of any kind.

It won’t get fixed, but hopefully this will highlight the incompetence of the development on sorting critical issues for those who use a controller.