Remove pushback from GA airports and better worker density settings

I just learned that I can use the Traffic–>Worker Density to remove workers that do not exist at the real-life GA airport I fly in. However, the pushback worker and equipment are still there. This is an immersion killer. Can the worker density setting be improved rather than a 0-100 slider so we can keep and remove certain airport workers and equipment? One other GA airport I fly at has a fuel truck but no worker, for example. Thank you!

The pushback equipment can be removed by changing this setting in the appropriate aircraft.cfg file:


Thank you! All the same, the sim itself should allow us to make changes without having to manually edit files. While I am comfortable with doing so I feel it is not my job. In fact for that reason I still use FSX more than MSFS. In addition there are people who want to fly sims but are not comfortable with editing files and in-sim options would be more comfortable and accessible for them.


Absolutely agree with that. you’d think it ought to be a pretty easy flight config setting.

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Ill vote this one up as well. Id like to remove the ground crew from GA as an option in the configuration.

Also the availability of the fuel truck and fuel station should match RW availability. This is less of a concern.

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Where do you find this file at?

MSFSPackages/Official/OneStore/[your aircraft]/SimObjects/Airplanes/[your aircraft]

I don’t remember where the MSFSPackages folder is. I had it moved to C:/. You will want to back the file up first, of course.

I could not find that file for the Moony 20. We shouldn’t have to go this deep into folders and files just to turn off something that should not be simulated. A commercial jet, sure. But those pushback guys should not even be at the GA airports at all, unless maybe called for.

The Mooney is a third party from Carenado. I don’t have it, but instead of /Official/ there should be a different folder, perhaps under /Community/ or Carenado will create its own folder there?

You can do a search for ‘aircraft.cfg’ and it will find all of them. I edited the C-172 one and when I flew the Baron, they weren’t there! YES! Don’t know why that happened when I only edited the C172 file but I’m happy to know they can be gone away with. Next step to try is if they are gone for airliners as well. We’ll see, cause there you want them.

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Some aircraft.cfg files aren’t accessible, such as the SR22, a premium deluxe model. Any ideas how to remove the pushback in this case?


Also would like to know if there is a workaround for this for the 172 Classic.

These facilities are AIRPORT facilities…not applicable to an aircraft type at all. IMHO ground services should be configurable with an “airport option” checkbox and an aircraft.cfg file should have nothing to do with it.

They are indeed applicable to the aircraft type. You don’t connect a jetway to a 172 and you don’t use a small pushback tug on an A320. The sim needs to know which facilities to provide depending on the type of aircraft.


The problem is that you can’t even edit the aircraft.cfg for the premium planes as it’s encrypted.

OK…I accept that pushback (and marshalling) are applicable to aircraft type. The real issue is indeed that on some aircraft (Baron, SR22 etc) the config file cannot be edited because of encryption, and to MSOBO (who can edit this file) it does not appear to be a high eneugh priority, as yet anyway. I fly the Baron almost exclusively and that d**n pushback trolley has always been an annoying nuisance. There is a work around thankfully, by starting every flight at a fuelling point. If it had not been for this I would have dumped this sim months ago. There is progress on these “gamer gimmicks” however…the seriously irritating “logbook popup” can…at last…be switched off…hurrah !

While that edit to the .cfg file is a clever one we should not have to do all this to disable the irritating pushback tugs which totally ruin immersion. Those of us nerdy types wont find it an issue tweaking text files but others who aren’t cant do anything about it.

Sometimes the guy on the tug passes through the airplane.

MiSobo - please give us a menu switch to disable them all. Make it like that other sim (coughcough) where you have to call for Ground Services and only then they will come.

How do you start at a fueling point? Is it as easy as fishing around the various nodes in the airport map until you find it? i don’t think my home airport has one. The fuel truck comes to you. :\

when you set a departure airport on the world map scroll down the list of parking nodes until you find one called “Fuel Box”. The default airports invariably have one…addons sometimes dont. I always start at one of these in the Baron and the d**n pushback trolley is bypassed. I simulate a manual pushback by using Shift P to start and stop PB. I my RW flying days in the UK we always pushed GA aircraft about manually often with a hand operated trolley on the nosewheel. Manned, powered pushback trolleys were never seen on a GA apron and only the very busy airfields occasionally had marshalling. The ground control would say something like, “park next to the so-and- so aircraft” or " park by the Tower facing (a direction) .

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