Remove white spinning loading circle bottom right of screen - possible?

Sometimes, a white spinning circle appears at the bottom right of the screen while flying. It is distracting and spoils the immersion. Could it be removed, or if necessary for debugging, put into dev mode?

A faster HD and internet connection will probably help, I have only seen it a few times, and only when I landed at a big busy airport when the game are loading many AI aircrafts.

The loading circle comes on when new scenery areas come into range. I filed a Zendesk request to remove this for the exact same reason- it’s distracting. The circle was added a few updates back, I don’t know why it needs to be visible while flying. It can be visible when initial load up or purchasing marketplace items, but it does not belong in the flight deck!


What? You mean in real life you don’t have the white spinning circle when entering a new area? :joy:


Yes please, really annoying and entirely unnecessary. There should at least be an option to enable/disable it by preference.

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I have 32 GB ram, a 500 mbps connection and my sim is on it’s own 970 Evo M2. I am currently flying down the western coast of Florida with some thunderstorms in the area. The circle spins every second. Hardware is not the issue. The sim is running perfectly. The circle is unnecessary and very distracting. I don’t need to SEE that data is being streamed to my sim.