Remove wind turbine

This might be a basic question but searching has not revealed an answer.

I am adding a grass aristrip - EG43 - Garston Farm.
Nearby, there is a huge wind turbine, because OSM has a (small) wind generator in a nearby park.
I can dig a (very) deep hole for the turbine to sink into but can’t find any other way to suppress it. An exclude polygon doesn’t have any effect.

Any suggestions?

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Hi googlyuk, you may have found a solution in the meantime, but if not:
have you tried an ExclusionRectangle (works different compared to Rectangle and/or Polygon)? I use it to remove objects, I cannot remove otherwise.

Hi, yes I think I did try that but it didn’t work. I assume the turbines are added at a later stage of scenery generation.

I’m having same problem. Asobo, make turbines disposable pls!